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November 22, 2013

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I am now facing reality and writing this post to bid my goodbye to Samuel. And it pains me oh so bad.

Samuel was my first pet. Ours was not the – love at first sight story as a matter of fact it wasn’t even romantic. Sometime 8 years ago, I received a text from my brother if I wanted to buy this Siamese cat they are currently looking at. I was like – yeah what the heck go buy him, I’ll pay you when I get home. When I finally got home and saw him, I adored him in an instant. When what a cat does is cuddle with you and sleep in your arms on your first meeting, who wouldn’t be enamored.

He was a cat with an attitude. He could be very playful and race you to the door to come speeding out of the house so he can finally get his momentary freedom but he is also the snuggling while sleeping kind. When he got older and more sickly he would just curl up on his corner but would meow when you talk to him.

Thank you Samuel for being strong. It was a tough and long battle you fought. You’ve been sick for more than a year and God knows how many times you have been taken to the vet. Only this time, it just got so much bigger than you. Please know that I rushed and drove really fast to get home and be with you during your few remaining moments, too bad I was an hour late. And it’s breaking my heart to pieces.

Now, with a heavy heart I bid you goodbye. The pack will miss you but we will do our best to manage resting in the fact that you’re in a better, healthier state now. I will miss you so much. I love you Sam, until we meet again.