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His love is relentless September 11, 2013

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I had a chat with a friend who is going through tough times in her love life. Words easily came out of my mouth as I shared to her my previous experiences in that aspect. As I was talking to her I suddenly blurted out the words “wow, I’ve toughened up!”. God is indeed the greatest healer.

I remember vividly how I used to pray to Him and ask that He make me strong. That I am willing to endure all pain because I trust in His will, but I just need His help by making me strong. Each day was painful and difficult and each night I would go down to my knees to pray for strength. Every day was the same cycle. There are days when I would stop and wonder if He ever does listen to my prayer, because the pain that I am feeling seems to be the same as the previous day.

Now it dawned on me that I am no longer praying for strength. That I now have a different prayer, and it is not even for me. I fathomed I no longer need to pray for strength because without me realizing, He already gave me my strength, my anchor.



God is so good and merciful that he gave me His grace no matter how flawed I am. And sometimes, when I get too ashamed to still be asking for something from him because of my imperfections, He would still listen to my heart and grant the prayers that I couldn’t even muster the strength to say out loud. I certainly don’t deserve all the Grace and blessings He has given me but He continuously showers me with it because His love is unshakeable. His love is relentless.



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