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Oh no, not again! September 10, 2013

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As I was prepping for work this morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and this is what I noticed:



Couldn’t see it? Lemme zoom it in for ya…


Pink eyes, conjunctivitis, sore eyes. However which way I call it, just the same it is ruining my life! I have an important meeting to attend to this afternoon, so much catching-up to do at work after being on leave for a long time and more importantly a little one who needs my tender loving touch! Now all these things are in jeopardy because of this eye which chose to be different and wore the color red! Why oh why!!!

In retrospect, the last time I had sore eyes and missed days of work at the office, I got myself a boyfriend after I got back! hahaha! Kaya sige na nga, if you really are sore eyes, you’re welcome, who knows what you might bring along. Just don’t stay with me too long. #alamna.


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