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Lipat bahay gang February 13, 2013

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So the big move has finally happened. I couldn’t believe it’s been 2 years in a row that I have been moving places. After several stressful days, I have finally moved to a bigger, prettier condo. Waddduupp?!!


The house hunting – I must admit I totally suck at apartment/condo hunting. I spent at least 1 week ogling through the internet. I was so proud of my system- search through sulit and other apartment hunting sites,  cross-reference in google maps to check accessibility then check MMDA to see how the area is affected by flooding. 2nd phase entails me calling out the contact numbers and scheduling visits. When the day we allotted for the actual visits came, reality came down hard on me and made me realize that I was PALPAK. All my leads were palpak. Either the area was too crowded, it was too far from my office, the house looks sad and dingy, there was even one place na nag back-out na kami kasi mukhang di kakasya ang car namin! After a few hours I found myself really grumpy and close to tears in my frustration! Thank God I have the coolest, funniest and most pasensyoso dude driving for me, when he noticed na humahaba na ang nguso ko, he was like “ako na ang bahala, relax ka na lang jan”. Oh it’s moments like those, that I am thankful I have him in my life! And of course, suffice it to say that when he took over, did we find the perfect place for me!


The packing-  I must say this was relatively easy for me. Not only because I don’t really have too much stuff in my place, but also because since I just moved to that apartment a year ago, I still have 3-5 boxes stacked that remain unboxed! Can you believe that? It has gone over a year inside a lonely box!


The actual move- Thank God for Lipat Bahay deals, we didn’t have to lift a finger. They are also very flexible with the time na we didn’t have to take a leave at the office and was able to do it after work hours. Lupit lang ng mga lipat-bahay boys they could carry 2-3 big boxes all at the same time. I’m sure if I dared each of them to carry the ref by themselves, they would be able to do so! They were so fast and efficient they were able to take off all my stuff form the old apartment and unload all those to the new condo in an hour tops! Moves like ninja!


The unpacking- oh was this fun. I thought I got a helping hand but the dude fell right asleep right after the last piece of furniture was dropped to the new place. I tried to get myself some sleep too kasi ayoko magpatalo but couldn’t because I could hear the boxes outside my room calling out to me asking to be unboxed. So there I found myself up until 4 in the morning unboxing and stacking things to their rightful place.


So there you go. A new, bigger and better place. Please be good to me and shower me with good vibes I need it now more than ever.


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