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i am letting you go January 25, 2013

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2012: whuuutt?? you talking to me? this is so last year, Joy!
Joy: I know I’m 25 days too late, but I just realized that I have not formally bade you goodbye albeit I have already welcomed 2013
2012: Fine, fine. Go ahead, have a blast!

Thank you 2012. You were such a badass year. And you were badass in EVERY sense of the word. You almost killed my soul last February, revived me by March only to suck my soul and wit out of me once again by August. Relentless badass year you were, my friend. But still I thank you for all the travels I made, goals I have achieved, new friends I gained and old friendships rekindled. But best of all, THANK YOU for the wonderful blessing that you have given me before you ended my year. It got me all cray cray at first but still I have to admit that it’s THE BEST gift any person could ever receive. From then on, I knew I will always be loved and will never, ever be alone.</


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