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Well well well, look do we have here! January 4, 2013

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Hello 2013!

People normally complain that time flies so fast that before our eyes knew it or even before we are ready for it, it’s Christmas once again, or we’re yet again another year older, or it’s the dreaded cough up your money and pay the bills time once again. It’s so fast that often times we find ourselves saying “sandali lang, dahan-dahan, mahina ang kalaban!”.

But i t wasn’t the case for me for 2012. Okay how do I say it. 2012 was brutal. It was ferocious, bordering on inhuman and just severely rough. Brutal. There were times when I thought I’ve hit rock bottom only to find myself yet again free-falling in a seemingly endless pit. Brutal. It was so bad I was literally praying to God begging for Him to fastforward 2012.

So when the clock struck 12 midnight of January 1, I was outside our house, jumping, screaming at the top of my lungs as if letting lose of all the bad vibes inside me. I have never welcomed a new year as much as I did this year.

Welcome 2013. Come to mama! I claim you. This shall be a good year!




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