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Long live the 80’s!!! September 4, 2012

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We watched The Expendables for Fridate night – see the play in words that i did there? See? See? (editor’s note to Joy who also happens to be the editor: Joy, you can’t point out things even if the purpose is to show your wit coz it just ruins it! Seriously you need to read on witty writing 101).

Back to what i really wanted to say… Chuck Norris was really awesome pare! man that guys is funnehh!!! The movie wasn’t even trying to put him in a funny light but heck did I laugh and so did everyone else in the theater whenever he’d show up. Maybe it’s the Chuck Norris jokes, maybe not. All I know is that he made the movie all the more interesting! We were bourned to death by Bourne Legacy, see I did it again? See? See? (editor’s note to Joy who also happens to be Joy: stop it for the love of God) …. We were bored to death just the other day by Bourne and this movie was such a relief. besides i would say anybody from our generation would always love to watch The Expendables coz those guys are today’s generations’ counterparts of Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Shia lebouf and all other hollywood representation of what’s handsome, invincible, bulletproof, bugbog proof and immortal!

(play a patriotic hymn) Long live Sly! Long live Arnold! Long live Bruce! Long live Van Damme! Long live Chuck Norris! Long live the action heroes of the 80’s!