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Whacky daddy! June 17, 2012

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Happy father’s day to my hero and the dude i love most in this world!

Not known to all but my dad is really cool. At least he tries to be. Here’s a scene from our weekend in Nueva Ecija….

Scene: dad and several of my uncles about to have another photo taken
Tatay: o, yacky naman yacky!
Uncles and the person taking the picture: (all giving a confused look and I’m sure telling themselves ‘ano daw?’)

And of course my dad meant whacky!

Happy father’s day tatay! You are like a father to me (ano daw? LOL)



Even the movies are jealous June 3, 2012

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That was him carrying me on his back as we brave through the rain and make our way to PF Chang’s for dinner.

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.