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This is for Pangky! October 28, 2011

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Happy birthday to my bestfriend who refuses to count after 29! We have never really had the chance to talk for months, but you will always, always, always be in my heart. Love you pangky!




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I’m an urban warrior just like most of us. Aside from the daily stress that our work brings, we also have to juggle and brave through our own personal responsibilities, worries and demons. Sometimes, all we can think of is get to that nice and fluffy space wherein we will once again be reminded of why we exist and what we should be thankful for. And since God has that really epic sense of humor, He made me stumble into this.

This is just so true and so applicable to me in every way. Kulang na lang sabihin nya “Lord Joy’s struggling, show her what she has to be thanful for”.

Just as we all have our own set of stressors, we also have our own personal way of dealing with them. Some people binge, some people sleep til they can’t sleep no more, some would shop like there’s no tomorrow while others would just need a quick getaway. I am ALL those people wrapped in one tiny package. In hindsight, that must be the reason why I’m too stressed nowadays, my destressor requires so many tickboxes it’s stressing me out!

And here’s an “art attack” of the things I am thankful for. Yes good people, the “I’m too artistic and creative to need a photoshop” Joy Raymundo marvels you with a masterful picture collage that only a gifted artist like her can do!


Kikay fix October 2, 2011

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It’s girls day out today! We all headed to dashing diva to get our kikay fix.




Spell STRESS October 1, 2011

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I have never been so stressed this much in my life. And I have my office to thank for this!