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It’s my birthday month! waaaahhh! August 2, 2011

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I am hopping and skipping once again because my 2nd most favorite time of the year has come!

This year, I am especially grateful that God gave me a challenging but ever rewarding job that still allows me to grow and do the thing I love dearly which is to travel. And for giving me this dude who never fails to make me smile and make me feel loved every single moment.

And just because it’s my birthday, I get to rant!!!! YEY!!!

I pity the college students coz everytime DepEd would suspend classes they would always exempt the college studes! It’s like, ano sila impervious sa rain??? Dahil college student na sila, they would suddenly develop this ability to be waterproof? Oh and what’s worse, once they graduate from college and start working and earning some moolah, they are not just expected to be waterproof, they are also expected to be imortal! Bawal magkasakit, ganon? Growing up, i swear, is so overrated!