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Second try’s the charm! June 26, 2011

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After the debacle of the first Zambales trip I had 2 years ago, I made sure that my Anawangin trip would be a success this time around.

Super nag-back with a vengeance talaga ako and talagang sinulit ko every inch of the place.

I let the wind blow on my face and watched as the pine trees sway while lying feet up on a hammock.

Conquered the steep and rocky cliffs if only to bask in the beauty of the place as I viewed it from the top.

Listened intently as the water coursed its way to the river.

Lay down in the sand along the shore, gazed at the night sky eagerly waiting for a shooting star.

I was with among unexpected company (at least when I look back to the time when I originally planned this), but it was all gooooood.

Bawal ang maarte sa Anawangin. You will be sleeping on tents, showering with everybody else in a communal bath area, will be eating with the langaws and you should be okay to be bitten by insects.

But you will be one with nature. It’s all back to basics. No electricity, no cellphone signal. Just a bonfire to serve as warmth and light at night. A guy playing the guitar as the rest of the group sing along. An honest and pleasant conversation under the stars as the waves crash along the shore. The basics. And in this crazy life, sometimes we all need that too.

This place made me soooo happy. Anawangin, you are so worth the wait.


Goin’ down under June 12, 2011

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It’s my first time in Australia but I literally had only less than 36 hours to prep.

I pray that I don’t screw this one up although I know I’m gonna be fine and will have fun regardless!

And so, armed with nothing but my travel essentials, see you land down under!