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sore sore eyes :( May 2, 2011

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I have sore eyes. I’m officially summer cool! Yes good people, sore eyes is the new definition of cool so go get one!

John Paolo did the sweetest thing when he stopped by to give me my eye drops. Ofcourse his nasty footprints were all over the act as I was surprised that my eye drops was inside a plastic bag hanging outside his car window. To add salt to the wound he did not even let me inside his car and just talked to me through his car window.

Thank you panget! But wait for my sweet revenge when I get better. The game is ON!


2 Responses to “sore sore eyes :(”

  1. dertyqwerty Says:

    Game on! I’ll literally put salt in your eye para gumaling ka. Rock salt! With good intentions naman why I didn’t let you in (at least for me). Really? Red sore eyes is the new black? How about a “black eye” is the new black? Hahaha!

  2. joykablogs Says:

    Haha, naalala ko when I offered to cleanse your wound from your bike accident with rock salt, bwisit na bwisit ka sakin.

    Yes, sore eyes is the new black, kaya join ka na!

    Thanks pangky for my eye drops, naiyak ako di lang halata kasi my eyes are already red to begin with. Hehehe.

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