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Post-apocalyptic me May 29, 2011

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After all the hullabaloo about the world coming to an end on Saturday, May 21, I’m still here, we’re all still here!!! Woohoo! Thank you Lord di nyo pa kami kinuha 🙂

I’m a little happier than usual lately and I’m so enjoying every moment! In fact I’m too happy I’m unconsciously ending sentences with either a smiley or an exclamation point! So happy I feel like breaking into a song!

Me getting a tattoo!- This was such a fun night. I came there with Brian coz he promised to stay beside me during the entire process but imagine my surprise to see more bunch of folks who volunteered to be there for me as well. They were even more excited as they came there earlier than we did.

My vagabond is back!- This dude really gave me a surprise. He didn’t tell me he was coming back home and opted to surprise me on his first weekend here. We spent an entire day catching up over coffee, food, driving in the rain. Aaaahhh I’m so glad that he’s back!

Movie nights! – 2 movie nights in a row and both with ACS folks. It feels good to have permanence in this ever changing world. These peeps will forever have a place in mah heart!

Family day Saturday- spent the company sponsored family day with my well, new family!


Got inked! May 20, 2011

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This wasn’t an act of impulse. This was a product of at least 2 years of careful consideration.

World, meet my awesome, awesome tat…

Meet the folks who supported me through this milestone

My tattoo artist who is too awesome he would like to remain incognito

And my special thanks to Brian who must have felt the pain of getting a tattoo more than I did…

Get a tattoo for once in your lifetime – Check!


You guys… May 17, 2011

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You guys, today would have been Chandler and Monica’s 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Who would ever forget this proposal…

Someday, I too will marry my bestfriend…


My thoughts on Date a Girl Who Reads May 13, 2011

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Date A Girl Who Reads by Rosemarie Urquico

Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes i spend on both. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve even younger than 12.

Find a girl who reads. You’ll know that she does because she will always have an unread book in her bag actually they’re in my car. She’s the one lovingly looking over the shelves in the bookstore, the one who quietly cries out when she finds the book she wants true that!. You see the weird chick sniffing the pages of an old book in a second hand book shop? That’s the reader. They can never resist smelling the pages, especially when they are yellow.

She’s the girl reading while waiting in that coffee shop down the street. If you take a peek at her mug, the non-dairy creamer is floating on top because she’s kind of engrossed already. Lost in a world of the author’s making. Sit down. She might give you a glare, as most girls who read do not like to be interrupted so never ever. Ask her if she likes the book and she’ll talk to you about it with so much passion.

Buy her another cup of coffee.

Let her know what you really think of Murakami because I also still couldn’t figure out if I get him or not. See if she got through the first chapter of Fellowship i did, at least the first few. after 8 years, still haven’t finished it. Understand that if she says she understood James Joyce’s Ulysses she’s just saying that to sound intelligent. Ask her if she loves Alice or she would like to be Alice would like to be.

It’s easy to date a girl who reads. Give her books for her birthday, for Christmas and for anniversaries it’s a dead give-away in Kris kringles. Give her the gift of words, in poetry, in song i have actually told a guy that the gift i would like to receive is a simple love letter. Give her Neruda how i love Neruda, Pound, Sexton, Cummings. Let her know that you understand that words are love. Understand that she knows the difference between books and reality but by god, she’s going to try to make her life a little like her favorite book so true. It will never be your fault if she does.

She has to give it a shot somehow.

Lie to her. If she understands syntax, she will understand your need to lie but she will still get hurt. Behind words are other things: motivation, value, nuance, dialogue. It will not be the end of the world.

Fail her. Because a girl who reads knows that failure always leads up to the climax. Because girls who understand that all things will come to end. That you can always write a sequel. That you can begin again and again and still be the hero. That life is meant to have a villain or two idealistic much.

Why be frightened of everything that you are not? Girls who read understand that people, like characters, develop always hopeful, never judgemental. Except in the Twilightseries eeewww.

If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of tea and hold her because that’s the only thing to do. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will always come back to you. She’ll talk as if the characters in the book are real, because for a while, they always are.

You will propose on a hot air balloon. Or during a rock concert. Or very casually next time she’s sick. Over Skype. coz we define our romantic moments

You will smile so hard you will wonder why your heart hasn’t burst and bled out all over your chest yet. You will write the story of your lives, have kids with strange names and even stranger tastes oh i am so sure. She will introduce your children to the Cat in the Hat and Aslan, maybe in the same day and i will leave them in powerbooks and not on a playground. You will walk the winters of your old age together and she will recite Keats under her breath while you shake the snow off your boots.

Date a girl who reads because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable. If you can only give her monotony, and stale hours and half-baked proposals, then you’re better off alone because she deserves better. If you want the world and the worlds beyond it, date a girl who reads.

Or better yet, date a girl who writes ehem, i blog 🙂.


Magic Beans!!! May 10, 2011

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Yesterday started rough for me. Woke-up from a bad dream only to find myself heart racing, fighting hard to breathe. The rest of the morning was even rougher. Way, way too rough.

And then I got these text exchange of banters:

Then when I came to the office I was greeted with warm smiles and a couple of “we miss you” and “how are you?”

Then Kris came in and gave me a rose which he said he only gave away to moms but is still giving me one just because I’m not well.

Then later on Mac peeked in my office door only to say “miss Joy pinuntahan lang kita to say I miss you”.

Then Hannah went and stayed inside my office, chatted about travelling with me and then later on invited me over for a late lunch. All those amidst the fact that I have a communicable disease.

And to top all off, I came back home to a hopping, skipping and turning puppy!

Sure I had it rough initially. But God made it up with beautiful reminders that there are still people who are excited to see me, missed me, would give a nice gesture to make me feel better, excited to travel with me, made time to talk to me and cared if I’ve eaten or not. I know, those were just small things, but if you know what I’ve been through that day, you’d be happy for me 🙂

Suddenly, I remembered this FRIENDS scene..


I’m gonna be okay. I’ve got magic beans!


Pacman land rejoices once again! May 9, 2011

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Was once again one of the excited spectators of the Pacquiao fight. I woke up really early on Sunday morning even if I barely slept the night before, parang si mommy dionisia lang. After the 3rd round knockdown, it was pretty much a downward slope as there was too much bromance going on between the 2 of them. Heck I saw more smiles and glove knocking than punching. Pero syempre in the end Happy pinoy nanaman ako because of the win. Pacquiao, ikaw na ang parang ninja! Wala ka pa ring kupas!

On a relevant note, I don’t  know if it’s just me pero I am seriously hating one of Pacman’s entourage. For some reason, he always has a way of positioning himself in front of the camera for the entire world to see. And he does this in every single frickin’ Pacman fight. Grrrrrr!!!!

He managed to squeeze his face here

And here..

And here..

Mas feel na feel pa nya kesa kay Michael Buffer

and here’s another one..

Dude, we saw you, we get it, enough already at OA na. Parang gusto na kita pa-upper cut kay Pacman. Haist!


Living under a rock no more May 4, 2011

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After several months, I find myself giddily fixing my travel itinerary once again. Work load has  been pretty stable so I found myself ready to travel once again with reckless abandon (and by that I meant not having to worry that work will crumble to pieces while I’m out). To top it off, I found 2 gals who are willing to travel with just a flick of a finger. We literally planned, agreed and booked in less than an hour. Haylavet!

This is going to be FUN girls!


sore sore eyes :( May 2, 2011

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I have sore eyes. I’m officially summer cool! Yes good people, sore eyes is the new definition of cool so go get one!

John Paolo did the sweetest thing when he stopped by to give me my eye drops. Ofcourse his nasty footprints were all over the act as I was surprised that my eye drops was inside a plastic bag hanging outside his car window. To add salt to the wound he did not even let me inside his car and just talked to me through his car window.

Thank you panget! But wait for my sweet revenge when I get better. The game is ON!