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Haircut disaster April 30, 2011

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So I took the little guy to the groomers for his monthly upkeep. I asked that he be given a summer cut coz it has been really hot nowadays. He hated it. And he made sure I know it. How can I not tell when It’s written all over his face.

Hang in there buddy. It’ll grow back soon. And yes, no more summer cut for ya.


Jesus is my Guy April 22, 2011

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Often times we are defined by the things that we have done and accomplished in our lifetime. That is the reason why we strive so hard to do the best with the time that we have. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is just too bad that with our pursuits we tend to forget to give thanks and glory to the big man upstairs who has done the absolute awesomest thing in His lifetime and beyond. Thank you Jesus for living and giving your life for us. You’re the first, the original and the ultimate rockstar!

I visited Walkway last night and it was such a meaningful experience. Each station brought chills down my spine but station 14 struck me the most. And this is what it says:

“Peter then saw the strips of linen lying there as well as the burial cloth that has been around Jesus’ head. The cloth was folded up by itself, separate from the linen.

During Jesus’ time, there was one way a carpenter lets a contractor know a job was finished. A signature if you will. When the final piece of job had been completed, the carpenter would typically fold a towel neatly in half and set it on the finished work and walk away. Whoever would arrive later to inspect the work would see the towel and understand its simple message.

The work is finished.

On the first easter, Peter crouched into an empty tomb. He saw only the linens that Jesus had left behind.

Imagine that a smile crossed Peter’s face as sorrow was replaced by Hope. He saw the wrap that had covered Jesus’ face. It had been folded in half and left neatly on the floor of the tomb. The carpenter had left behind a simple message.”


i saw Patty Laurel in the last booth selling souvenir shirts. being such a big fan, i was so mesmerized and told her that she’s so pretty. i bought a shirt and when she asked if i wanted to buy a CD too, i obliged. heck she could have even sold me a car and i would buy it too without me knowing it.


Dog = Bestfriend April 18, 2011

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Looking at the pics in my phone and I smiled upon seeing this:

My dog who is also my bestfriend. And my bestfried who looks like a dog! Nyaknyaknyaknyak!!!!


JLC fan na yata ako April 9, 2011

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Ohmygazzz!!! I can’t bilibit! Atom and Patty have broken-up. And apparently, they’ve been over for like months now, I’m so late chocolate! Since they got together, I stopped day-dreaming of becoming a Mrs. Araullo because I thought they are the cutest couple there is. If Paolo still works at NCO I’m sure magsasawa sya sa daily visits ko sa kanya without him knowing na excuse ko lang sya just to be at ELJ building.

Haaay, there are really no guarantees in life…

Which reminds me of one lazy afternoon, too lazy in fact that I didn’t even try to reach the remote control to change channels and allowed my self to get stuck at Cinema One. It showed One More Chance by John LLoyd and Bea. I barely paid attention at the start until I suddenly realized that I was glued to the screen feeling every inch of emotion as if it were all straight daggers to my heart.

PAK! I think that scene will haunt me for the rest of my life. And even when I’m dead, I think it will resurrect me if only to make me watch it again and again and again.

At eto pa…

“She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best”.
Kaboom! And that, my friends is how it’s done the John Lloyd Cruz style!

For all the haters and pasosyal out there, walang kokontra, blog ko ‘to!


Just one of those emo days…

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Stuff like this used to excite me…

Now it just renders sadness and bittersweet memories.

I’m not that naïve. I have realized long time ago that you will never fight for me. I am now just working on accepting that fact. Someday, I will have enough strength to say – This ends here.


Tip for my future boyfriend April 4, 2011

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Dear future boyfriend,

You know how in movies when boy and girl fights and girl suddenly disappears in the world? Then the next scene would be such a serene setting, girl’s back facing the camera then from nowhere boy would say – I knew I’d find you here….

Well future boyfriend,   I’ve finally decided that mine would be here…

So there future boyfriend, Manila Ocean Park – Dance of the Jellies. For our future fights (and I promise to try not to give you a lot of those), you know where to find me.