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My vagabond March 27, 2011

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I think I’ve lost him again.

This happened to us once. I’m just so used to him being “omnipresent” to the extent that I would take him forgranted. I was too busy to meet up with him despite his numerous text messages asking for one and in the end I even blamed him for not being very forthcoming. When I finally had the chance, he was already oceans away, living his life and being such an adult and all in Singapore. I didn’t know that he left and it had to take one sad night for me to decide to call him and was surprised to hear that his mobile number was no longer active. It took me several email messages asking about his whereaboouts when he finally called me up laughing at my high strung emails. 

Now I think I’ve lost him again. I changed numbers so he wouldn’t be able to call me through my mobile and stupid me, I don’t save his number whenever he’d call. I tried to BBM him but I don’t think it’s still active. He must’ve given up on his blackberry as the last time I spoke to him he could barely figure out the qwerty pad and was thinking of throwing his phone out of the window. I deactivated my FB account so I cant make a quick shout-out. I’ve sent a couple of emails as well but I have not received a single reply.

Where are you Boris Asprec? Last time I spoke to you, you were a bit troubled, thinking that you will never find the greatest love of your life. Are you still in that fruitless odyssey?

I miss you. You vagabond you.


waiting at the edge of my seat March 26, 2011

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I gotta admit, i miss this…

But I know that God has as an awesome love story written about me…

And since everything is all about the perfect timing, I’ll just be waiting here at the edge of my seat…


F21 in Makati… What the F!!!

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Forever21 in Makati… That’s like 15 mins from my place! What the F#&%*!

Now I’m officially scared for my savings!