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a new breed of superhero January 27, 2011

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It’s BIG, it’s LONG and it’s definitely YUM!


And it’s definitely here to save any man from a hungry day!


Random January 9, 2011

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Smiling because I know someone will smile upon seeing this.
It’s nice to know that someone gets you. ūüôā


byeeeee Caaarrrr :( January 3, 2011

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Today, I officially said goodbye to Car.

Car is a 13 year old, black Honda civic. Yes dear reader, Car is a car, ergo the name car.¬† And if you’re still not getting the story behind the name¬†til now, you must be a very slow person.

Car has been with me since 2nd year college. He oh so willingly makes a weekly 43 Km (yes, I got bored one time and actually measured it) drive from Laguna to Padre Faura, Manila to take me to my dorm before the school week starts and he made sure to always make it seem like a breeze.

During my internship days in college did I really start a stronger realtionship with Car. Since I was a really good driver, pun intended, I would go home with either a bruise on Car’s butt (trunk), or his ear (side mirror) or just about any party of his body. I remember my tatay would always be waiting for me in the garage ready and expecting for another bruise on car. My dad’s so protective of Car that he would always take Car to the hospital (repair shop) to fix his bruise only to come back again the following week because of another. Despite all these, Car,¬†the daredevil that he is,¬†never complained or threw a fit at me.

When Car got a bit older, he started becoming more prankish and mischievous. He made Boris and Lei walk the stretch of Edsa from Macapagal to Pasay to have his battery recharged. He almost gave Jea a heart attack on her wedding day because her bridesmaid (me) almost didn’t make it to the bridal march because he just wanted to be funny and just stopped and wouldn’t start¬†for a bit along the Edsa Ortigas area. He made me and Paolo walk from one end of SM MOA to the other because we found out he is parked on the other end of the mall and not where we originally went back to (although I guess that’s more because of our stupidity than Car’s mischief). He¬†decided to be a grinch one Christmas andsuddenly stopped just one block away from Greenbelt 5 where Tushy and I were about to have¬†our Christmas celebration dinner as if teasing and taunting us in the process.¬†And the list goes on and on.

When Car got so much older did he understandably become more sickly. He would end up really, really sick after a long trip to Nueva Ecija, or a tour of Southern Luzon.¬†He’s such a good car that he would perform without a hitch the entire time and would just show all weakness once he’s back home. But then age started to really catch up on him that he’d go sick even when driving short distances, or would be sick almost every month.

And that was when¬†my family¬†finally decided to let him retire and rest. We’re all busy with other stuff and decided to buy new cars of our own as well that we thought it would be best to hand Car over to a new owner who would most probably have Car as his/her first car and would love Car with all his/her heart.

Today, we placed a “for sale” sign on car. Knowing how much of a looker Car is, I’m almost certain that he will no longer be in our garage when I get back home to Laguna for the weekend. So I hugged him for the last time, took¬†one¬†last picture with him,¬† kissed him oh so gently¬†and whispered these words to him – “Thank you Car, thank you for all the years of service and love to me and my family. Please remember that you were¬† and forever will be loved.”

Bye Car. Be good to your new owner. Just like how you have been so good to us.


Dog Day! January 2, 2011

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Happy birthday Kirky!

Dear Kirky,

Happy birthday to you. I hope you enjoyed and had fun on your first birthday. Know that I did my best to make it really special and memorable.

I made the entire family free-up their Saturday so they could all be in attendance, and as if I’m not already asking too much, I even had them wear party hats in public!

Ordered your favorite Chicken and chips, and a really large pizza that¬† awakened the gluttons in us even the bulate in our stomachs,¬†but we still didn’t get to finish it¬†(still, what a collective gallant effort you guys!)

I even made sure that your bestfriend was there.

I distinctly remember that¬†the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you in an instant. I knew right then and there that you were the puppy of my dreams – small, long hair, big round eyes and cute button nose. Your very first day with me was memorable. I placed¬†you¬†in my couch while I was sweeping the floor because I didn’t want you to get your feet dirty. You were so loyal and attached to me as early as then that you wanted to follow me everywhere because of that, you fell on the floor from my couch.¬†That was the first time I heard you cry, and boy was it loud. Yes¬†Kirky, on your first day with me I¬†almost broke you. Your were limping for half an hour but still wouldnt stop following me around. You were just so cute and needy and sweet.

Thank you for the unconditional love, happiness and loyalty you have been continuously giving me. No amount of dog treats can ever repay that.


To new beginnings

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I have and will still be working with a couple of new folks at work. Everybody seem nice and comes off with the competetive drive that really excites me and pushes me to also play on top of my game.

Be that as it may, I still miss my old groupie.¬†Lagniton’s boisterous laugh, Marky’s rendition of One in a million you, Chole’s questions if she’s gone fat, Bernie and Hero’s own little world¬†once they¬†start talking¬†about comics, cars¬†and gadgets, Mike’s babytalk,¬†Jojo’s political ideas applied in every view possible, Boyet and GI’s cooking which gets us all stuffed, Lui’s persona when she’s drunk and Kevin’s tampuhin ways. Yep, all those irritating¬†ways that only 3-5 years worth of bonding could make one look past¬†and regard them as interesting qualities instead. I miss you guys and I love you all to pieces.

We’ll surely see each other again. For now, here’s to new relationships and new beginnings!