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10 Things 2010 Joyka would like to remind 2011 Joyka December 31, 2010

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10 Things 2010 Joyka would like to remind 2011 Joyka

1. Be more discerning. Yes, there’s no monopoly of good intentions but people can hurt you even if they don’t mean to. So don’t be too quick to trust and believe. Sometimes, it pays to be skeptic. 

2. Be ready to be disappointed and be okay with it. Some people may not be able to keep their promise. Sometimes, it’s not because they intended to, but circumstances just wouldn’t allow them. 

3. Keep your heart without anger or hatred. You were raised this way and will remain this way. Keep only the good vibes and always make room for positivity.

4. Manage your finances. Learn from your experience from 2010. Work on an emergency fund that is at least 3 months worth of your expenses and never, for the love of God, touch it unless it really is an emergency. After that, build a habit of saving.

5. Build a stronger relationship with God. Be more prayerful. You’re full of good intentions, this time, act on them. You’ve been blessed too much, learn to give back.

6. Spend more time with your family. Don’t be so tamad on weekends. Be with them. They were your pillar of strenth during your trying times, they deserve more from you.

7. Read more and always be hungry to learn before you start losing your edge.

8. Remember that you’re smart, interesting and worthy of love and attention. Whoever made you feel otherwise just weren’t paying attention.

9. Value your work. But always remember that no matter how important that is, family and loved-ones should still always come first.

10. Stay the animated and madrama person that you are. Some people may love you for it, while some won’t. It’s a fact of life. At the end of the day, that’s who you are so there’s no reason for you to change it.


gotcha! December 21, 2010

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Petronas Towers – Check!

Sa haba-haba man ng prosesyon, sa Petronas towers pa rin and tuloy! Haaay KL, you’re just so elusive. You have no idea how much I’ve been through just to reach you!

I promise to talk more about my day in KL soon. Right now, I’m just praying that I get better coz I don’t want to be spending Christmas nursing a fever.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Goodbye, My Prince! December 11, 2010

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Guinness Book of World Records could have set the most number of hearts broken simultaneously the day Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement to the world. I’d say if that announcement came 10 years ago or so, my heart would have been one of those that crumbled to pieces. You see my delusion about being a princess started the moment I started crushing on Prince William. The wall next to my bed in my college dorm have this picture posted in it:

Anyhoo, so many years after, I have already gotten over my biggest crush in the world. But to this much I would admit, when I read about the announcement, no my heart didn’t break, but I did something for the first time after a very long time – fascinated about Prince William!

Scene description: Blurry, gloomy and somewhat dreamlike lighting ala David Yates’ style in Harry Potter. Inside a quaint coffee shop in England. Joy, simple yet regal in her Burberry tan coat and a scarf still wrapped around her neck, sipping coffee while looking out the window observing the people as they walk hurriedly over the biting cold winter weather. She looks as if she’s lost in a trance while observing the busy street when suddenly a hand touches her shoulder.  

Royal Guard (in his thick British accent): “M’lady, His Royal Highness, Prince William of Wales, requests for your company”
Joy: “Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch model-looking Royal Guard, would you please tell the Prince that from the country where I came from, a girl approaching a guy, even when summoned, is frowned upon. Tell the Prince that I am conservative and a bit shy and that if he wants my company, he should be the one to approach me instead.”

After a few minutes, His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales summoned enough courage and approached Joy.
Prince William:”My love, will you allow me to be Your Prince so you can be called Her Royal Highness Princess Joy of Wales?
Joy (thrown-off by the prince’s straightforwardness): “Oh My Prince you are so forward! I am very flattered by your offer but I’m afraid I would have to turn you down. You see, you had your chance a couple of years ago and you missed it. Besides, I don’t think I could break Kate Middleton’s heart.
Prince William: “I understand. And i regret that I did not make my move years ago. You will be remembered in my heart and will be known in the entire world as the one who got away!”

Being the gentleman that he is, the Prince kissed Joy’s hand and bade her goodbye but not after insisting that he sets her up on a date with his younger brother Prince Harry who apparently is crazy about her too. HRH Prince William of Wales left the coffee shop head up but his eyes gave him away, obviously looking heartbroken.

End Scene.


Prelude to a new chapter December 5, 2010

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“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve  me at my best.”

– Marilyn Monroe.

Thank you to all the people who painstakingly stood by me even at my worst:

1. My family – I have never appreciated you guys more. I always mentally psyched myself to be strong whenever I’m in front of you guys because I didn’t want you to worry about me knowing that it’ll break your heart.

2. Boss Kev – you will forever be my most favorite boss in the world. Thank you for the reassuring words and for the on the spot invites which I regrettably had to turn down (on the spot naman kasi eh!)

3. Team Kev peeps (Chole, Jojo, Hero, Mark, GI, Bernie) – you’re like my brothers and sisters already. We went through tough times together but we stuck it out with each other. I will forever love you guys!

4.  My groupie (Bading, Gops, Moshie, Kitlig, Agsam, Ernie) – I will forever be proud of you guys and I will always look back on my ACS days with pride because I know I did right by you guys.

5. Hornylyn! – you’re my biggest surprise during these tough times. I’m sure a number of people missed my presence (yabang! hehe) but you were one of the few who actually looked for me and made an effort to reach out.

6. John Paolo – my bestfriend who’s been complaining about his job for quite sometime now and readily quit his job because he believes he’ll be fine just because I was doing the same too. Keep the faith panget!

7. Tushy – for all the patience, understanding, endless support, opportunities introduced, cellphone load and tough love. you only allowed me to be a baby for like a few weeks, after that you pushed me to act and be strong.

8. God – I am now a firm believer that You will make things beautiful in Your time. You did that to me. Thank You!

Happy days are here again!!!!!