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FRIENDS October 3, 2010

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Saw this pic online

Couldn’t agree more!

Facts about me and FRIENDS

  • I play my friends DVD on the background to put me to sleep. not because it’s boring, but really because it puts me at ease.
  • I have seen all 10 seasons of friends bazillion times (and I’m not exagerrating!)
  • in this lifetime, I have only met of 1 person (although I’m sure there’s a lot more) who loves friends as much as I do. and I’m already cool with that.
  • while watching friends, I can turn the mute button on and would still know the lines.
  • someone told me I’m 20% Rachel, 10% Monica but mostly a Phoebe. and I agree with him. I’m weird and flaky like that.
  • I cry every freakin’ time I watch Phoebe’s wedding. Someday, I’m gonna get something like that.

dec 31, 9pm – missing the person I watch FRIENDS with so bad.


Mantra October 2, 2010

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when things go from bad to worse every single day, what do you do?

 you hold on to God’s wonderful promises and remain faithful that the best is yet to come.

 like everything else, this too shall pass…

Boo you problems, my God will always be BIGGER than you!