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Of mercury retrogade and ice cube trays September 20, 2010

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I don’t get this mercury-is-in-retrograde thing. I refuse to believe that my mood or even my level of effectiveness is determined by the cosmic universe. I mean, sure it’s the perfect excuse but heck, my reasons make much more sense. You see my little grasshoppers, my mood and my level of effectiveness is only controlled by 2 things: the amount of food that is in my stomach and number of hours of sleep I got for the day. Yup, it’s that easy. You don’t need a degree in Psychology to figure me out, you just gotta spend a day or two with me. Be that as it may, no matter what how my day starts out, I would always make sure that my job in the office is done before I call it a day. I’m professional like that (naks!). See, that’s why I don’t understand how people could so conveniently blame the alignment or lack there of, of the stars with their inability to get the job done.


On a good day: I wake-up all pumped up. I get ready for work and I get the job done in half the time.

On a bad day: I wake-up all lazy and grumpy. I get ready for work, get the job done in half the time then whine and tantrum the rest of the day.

The lesson? We all have our good days and we all have our bad, but the rest of the universe doesn’t care so get the friggin’ job done!

Off topic: Don’t you just love it when you fill-up your ice cube tray and make it to the freezer without spilling water or ending-up with half-filled cubes? That’s just made of awesome!


See, we’re not just brains afterall September 13, 2010

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I can safely say that this is the only event on TV that I look forward to every year. Sure, in UAAP basketball UP is such a disappointment (0-14 run c’mon guys what is up with the world?!?!) but there’s always that one glimmer of hope – the UP Pep Squad and they never disappoint!

Being the premier university in the Philippines, year by year they remained faithful to celebrating their school and their motherland in their themes, a reason why even the non-alamunus are drawn to them (or am I just really biased?).  While their 2008 performance remain to be my all-time favorite, 2010 I believe was their cleanest execution to date. Okay I’ll stop at that as I can no longer pretend that I can review their performance after just “googling” if my spelling of “sommersault” is correct.

Congratulations UP Pep Squad! I am so happy I was chanting this in mind until I fell asleep…


footnote: for 3 years now I have been watching this beside the same person, together wasting away on a big bag of popcorn and a coke 1.5. Aside from the fact that he’s very dear to me, I chose him because he would give me very knowledgeable and credible feedback of the performances. that and the fact that he gives negative criticisms to UP with all the love in the world. i.e: “honey, I love you but I hate their costume”. cute, right?


One fine SG day September 11, 2010

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So the pobre wanderluster went to Singapore with barely 100SGD (roughly 3500PhP) in her pocket. Nursing a sore throat, a throbbing headache and a mild fever, she popped an advil and alaxan to tide her through the day- the hell she ain’t spending her only day in SG lying in her hotel room bed!

So off she went with her checklist of things to do right in her pocket:

1. Universal Studios

2. Silly picture with the Merlion

3. Slide at the Changi Airport

I had 2 things left unchecked – eat with the regular SG folks in their hawker centers and savor their one dollar ice cream once again. Well, looks like I’m left with no choice but to see you again, SG.