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Note to the 16 y/o me August 26, 2010

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Dear 16 y/o Joy,

You are soooo pretentious. Kunwari ka pang favorite mo ang Aristocrat na restaurant eh hindi ka pa naman nakakakain dun at that time. As far as I remember, once ka palang nakakain dun in your entire life and that was at 2007 after you got your US Visa. I’m sure yun lang ang alam mong mejo sosy-sosy na place at that time noh? After 14 years nabuking ka tuloy, hahaha!

At ang ambition mo is to have a meaningful life? So gusto mong maging martyr or saint, ganun? Hay nako ambisyosa ka talaga! At ang first kiss mo parents? tsk tsk tsk, baduy mo talaga sumagot!

And what’s up with your nakakaduling na dedication? Sakit ka talaga sa ulo! By the way, FYI, it’s bearing not baring! Ano ba yan, fourth year HS ka na, bobo ka pa rin sa spelling!


30 y/o Joy

It just dawned on me that years from now, I will look back and read this blog and have a field day too, just like how reading this slumbook entry did to me!


Dementors on the lose

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Despite the:

  • seemingly low morale nowadays, so low it seems as if there are dementors in our midst sucking all the happiness within us
  • the boring days, so boring I could cry
  • out of line attempts at change by the powers that be

I am still oddly grateful for being part of the employed piece of the pie chart.

People have their buttons, mine is love and loyalty. For now, I would have to settle with money coz hey, they still pay the bills.

I guess I’ll just load myself with a whole lot of chocolates for now… you know, to fight the effect of those dementors…

Note to me: Hang in there, it’s definitely gonna get better.


Birthday blessing August 17, 2010

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Thank you God for giving me my bestfriend who got off work and kidnapped me from the office just to welcome my birthday with me. He’s normally not mushy with me like that so I know how much effort he exerted to do that for me just because he knows I’d love it.

Thank You also for the people back at the office who so wanted to welcome my birthday with me only to be surprised by my disappearance, no thanks to my kidnapping incident. And for that someone who cared so much more than the others so much so that they got really hurt coz I wasn’t there.

Despite all the ups and downs and all the bruhaha that this day gave – I still thank you God for all of these people. They are your tangible proof that you love me. Please let them feel that I love them too. I’m sure they know who they are.


It’s a date August 12, 2010

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Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 3

Hello uber cool slide, I say you, me in a few weeks from now.

Let’s? Let’s!


After 8 months…. August 9, 2010

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After 8 months…..


I’m such a big fan of Lea Salonga, HUGE!

This is sooo worth the wait!