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Bits and pieces of our Kota Kinabalu trip July 19, 2010

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Likas Square room – roomy and very photogenic – WIN!

Our favorite spot in the house!

Receptionists at Likas Square – Joy: “What’s Nasi Lemak?” Receptionist: “Mee, Egg…” Joy interrupts: “No I don’t want to eat you” – FAIL!

Mee, Egg....

People from the Girls and Badings room – Early to rise, room always has food and drinks, first to get ready – WIN!
People from the Boys room – No food sa room and super bagal mag-prepare despite the fact na sabay na maligo si Mosh and Ernest. We could only imagine them having this conversation: “Pare, pantay na ba make-up ko?” – FAIL!
The Boat ride from hell – WIN! It was pretty scary but it was really really fun!

Few minutes before the boat ride from hell

Island Hopping – FAIL! Our beaches are waaaaayyy better than theirs.

The failed attempt to go to Central Market – Imagine walking with no umbrella under the scorching heat of the sun only for the rain to suddenly pour on you – FAIL!

Secret Recipe – After counting and computing for the nth time, kulang pa rin ng 50 Ringgit – math or honesty system – FAIL!

KK Malls – Walter Mart level lang sya sa Pinas – FAIL!

Food – WIN!

Overall, KK was was just so so for us, maybe because we didn’t get to maximize everything that the place has to offer. What made this trip unforgettable was the bonding that the group shared. Despite all the kamalasan and kapalpakan that we went through, everybody readily endured all of them. Walang maarte or nag-inarte, yes even Rob our resident conyo kid. And because of that, this trip was still definitely a WIN!


Passion for Fashion July 8, 2010

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Each day is another opportunity for fashion. Thank you Forever 21 for prettifying Manila once chic lady at a time.

Went to Forever 21 two days after it opened hoping that the madness from its opening day have subsided – I was wrong! Lines are everywhere – fitiing rooms, cashier and even the entrance to the store itself.

I kid you not when I say that the atmosphere inside was intense. There were four of us when we entered the shop, but once we got in it was pretty much each man for himself!

Thanks to big store chains like Zara, Mango, Topshop and now Forever 21, fashion has become more attainable for people like me who couldn’t afford those Burberry, Jimmy Choos, Prada, LV and all other similar shops with snotty looking attendants. Besides, it’s really not the brand that matters – it’s the confidence you exude even when wearing RTW stuff from SM, landmark or Greenhills. Right? (rest of the world – riiiight + audible clapping). Spoken like a true sulky pobre! hahaha!


Hong Kong lovin’ once again July 2, 2010

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It was a Hong Kong shopping weekend for me!

Hanging out at the airport while waiting for Ate Thess

I went there with Sands my college friend and my sis in law, Ate Thess. Even if it’s Sandra’s first time in HK, we did not really get the chance to explore the touristy areas in HK as it was pouring mad during that weekend.

Deadma ang ulan - tuloy ang photo-op!

This turned out good for me as I didn’t have to spend money on Disneyland or Ocean Park anymore and just spent them all on my beloved H&M!

This was a hardcore shopping weekend for me, specially that I brought along Ate Thess who is a hardcore, no nonesense shopper herself.

Along Central MTR exit D2 on our way to H&M

We combed every bit of H&M Central, Outlet shops in Citygate, Sasa which is in every freakin corner of HK and just about every shops along Nathan Road.

Side note. Some people can be very insensitive to the needs of others. After having breakfast at Cafe de Coral somewhere in Central, we went to the restroom. We waited outside as the door was locked. We knew that someone’s inside as we can hear two women talking. After noticing that we’ve been waiting for a good 10 mins already, I already knocked – which went for naught. Then I banged the door, still to no avail. I was really so pissed already so I  was really forcing the knob open, kulang na lang sipain ko na ung door –  lo and behold, deadma pa rin sila. Then I noticed that the light switch to the restroom is located outside the door. I made sure that it really is a light switch by checking the men’s side. When my theory was validated, I knocked for the last time, giving myself a last chance to taking the high road. When they still didn’t open I switched-off the light then sped-off. I know that was a low thing to do, but heck that was sweet!

On our way back to Manila, the FA handed me a Manila Bulletin. The news that greeted me was shocking! “Kris-James Break-up” all in its Bold, All-caps, frontpage glory! I almost fell from my seat – partida naka-seatbelt pa ko nun! Whatever’s going to happen to the Phillipines? I’m sure the stockmarket was in ruckus and that the stocks of Maggi Magic Sarap, Magnolia Nutri Oil and 555 Tuna went down. And more importantly paano na si Baby James? Whatever’s going to happen to his future? Will he see the day when he’d have a first born son which I bet he would call Baby Baby James? How did she break the news to the world? Was she fighting back tears while telling her story only to be interrupted by Boy Abunda as they need to qeueu for a commercial break? Haay, don’t you just love being a Filipino?!