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Boracay Extreme June 25, 2010

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Spent the weekend ala sports unlimited fashion with no less than the powdery white sand and cool clear waters of Boracay as the setting.


Oooh this was so fun. I first thought that the downward slope stretch is a bit short for a 380PhP ball ride but little did I know that I was about to get in one of the coolest ride of my life! The fall was so fun I didn’t want it to end!


The concrete road and the guide was a bit of a downer specially if you were looking forward to braving steep and rocky roads which an all terrain vehicle was really built for but the route they make you take gives you a spectacular view of the island, you’d just shut-up in awe once you’re there.

Helmet Dive

I’ve been wanting to do this since last year after I read about it. I paid 500 bucks for this and all I can say is that it was So. Worth. It.


Done this once before but the second time’s still a charm.


This is what cracked me up the most, where they laughed at me the most, where my body took a beating the most.

But this is what I enjoyed the most …..

Breakfast buffet baby!

Here’s an overload of photos from the photographer in me:


Freedom in Corregidor June 14, 2010

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Celebrated the Independence Day weekend with my family at the historic island of Corregidor. It’s my 3rd time on this place but the place hasn’t lost it’s charm on me yet.

Since it’s Independence Day we just couldn’t help but oblige to the call of those patriotic but equally racy Pilipinas shirts. I really think it’s cool how we Filipinos are warming-up to the idea of wearing our very own country colors with pride. It’s high time for people to throw-away their Che Guevarra shirts (which I bet half of those who wear ’em don’t even know who the guy is and what he is about), Brazillian jerseys, I love NY and I love HK shirts and put on those Pinoy stuff and profess our love for our very own cheap, dirty, noisy but equally congenial, unpretentious and delightful Pilipinas! To NY and HK, no offense, you know that I love you 2 both, but I’m sure you get my drift so please still welcome me with open arms – HK see you in 2 weeks, NY see you next year!

It’s the three kids’ first time in Corregidor and boy did they have a grand time. I doubt although I hope that they went home with a better appreciation of the country’s history but I am very sure they brought home very nice pictures to upload in their facebook accounts. Why can’t they be just as nerdy as their tita.

And ofcourse I brought along the biggest kid in our family – my kuya Jojo. I was like his official photgrapher during the entire tour. I swear his face consumed most of my memory card’s space.


My furry little freak June 6, 2010

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It’s amazing to be a pet owner. The happiness they bring you is simply priceless. I always find myself excited to go home from the office everyday, my walk up the stairs is just a little bit faster and my smile a little bit brighter knowing that I have a furry little freak waiting for me by the door.

Dogs are indeed the bestest friend a person could ever get. No matter how much you screw up, they will love you just the same. When you call them, they will gladly run to you. No matter where you go or how long you’ve been gone, you’d always come back home to them happily greeting you. They are just there unconditionally loving you.

I love you my furball, my freakster, my kirkaroo!