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Thank God for small miracles! May 31, 2010

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Some days, its just harder to smile. Hard to smile and a little too easy for tears to fall in fact.

I had that kind of day yesterday. At the height of my despondence my phone just rang and it was Paolo calling. The moment I said hello he already knew I was sad. Maybe it’s my clogged nose that gave it away or maybe he just knew me too well. Eitherway what was supposed to be an “I’m bored so deal with me” call became a lofty effort to make me laugh. And as always, he did. He also went to my office in the evening to just sit with me and chat. I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t get preachy and stuff, he just gives you a different topic all together so in a way you’d forget your worries.

Anyway, Paolo isn’t the biggest fan of this blog. I doubt if he even knows how to get here. I think the only time he accessed this was when I forced him to. You see he’s not into blog reading and stuff. So this really isn’t for his pleasure. Its not even my big gesture to thank him and stuff. I thanked him the way we always do – say thank you then insult him/her right after to even things out.

This is actually for me. A reminder to myself that no matter how circumstances could make me sad, life gives me even more reasons to smile and be happy about. I remember a friend of mine once told me that the thing he liked most about me is the fact that I have “little joys”. I find happiness over sunshine through windows or curling up over a good book. I gotta remind myself of that.

Thank God for little joys and small miracles!


Let’s get fancy Part II May 30, 2010

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Dressed-up for the ACES once again. I scramble for reasons why I still have to spend money to dress-up and look good in front of people that I see everyday anyway.

For the badings?

For my boss?

For the clients?

For a gay couple? heheh peace BJ!

 ooh, ooh, I k now, I know!

For a chance to finally get a respectable Prom Photo!

 Reasons fail me.

Congratulations USAir. You bagged all the major awards.


Have you seen “me”? May 24, 2010

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I’ve been such a bore lately. No funny anecdotes to tell, no silly thoughts to share. I’m almost afraid to say this because by doing so I might be affirming it, by I think I’ve lost my usual zest in life.

You see I’m normally this silly girl who takes on life, stumbles here and there and loves to have a good laugh about it. I may be credulous at times but I know I’m street-smart so “most” people and the big mysterious world don’t scare me at all. So for the life of me, I do not understand why the great unknown scares the daylights out of me now.

Perhaps there’s a profound sadness and uncertainty hidden deep inside me that has now finally decided to surface. And it’s eating me up, overpowering me. And no matter what I do I just couldn’t seem to shake off the funk.

I’m sure I’ll get over this bump in the road. At least that’s what the “former” me would say. But for now, I’m just lying here dazed, wondrin’, sad.


Good job Joyka! May 10, 2010

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Today is election day. As expected, anything that could go wrong have gone wrong. Brown-out, defective PCOS machines, malfunctioning CF cards, people who can’t find their precints, flying voters, vote buying, name it you got it. Murphy’s law at its best! Oh, and don’t get me started about how incompetent Comelec is.

Because of the clustered voting system that’s in effect not to forget the el nino phenomenon, there really is a possible disenfranchisement by the voters. And I don’t blame them. I was there, I saw the lines, I felt the heat and I thought twice too. But in the end, I thought that this sacrifice is worth the next 6 years of this country. So I stayed and voted. – I’m proud of myself today!


Early morning… May 8, 2010

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Went out at 530 in the morning to grab coffee with my favorite roomie lovella. Brought kirky along and they were an instant hit. Either my pup is highly sociable or Lovella must really have raw animal magnetism. hahahaha!


Wisdom of the old, lost in the young May 7, 2010

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One of my mom’s lessons to me as I was growing up was not to enter a conversation when I’m not supposed to be part of it. In tagalog, wag kang sumingit kung di ka kasali. If my mom were to see these, these people would definitely be hearing from her.

Si Gopie

At sinamahan pa ni Mae

Si Bernie

At si Bernie ulit

Uy chancing...

PJ in a kunwari napadaan pose

Si anna nnaman?!?

Hmmmm... OP sya...

Malaking abala

Happy 5th Birthday USAir! The pictures are enough to tell how cool the people are and how fun the celebration was!


Get Inked! May 3, 2010

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It’s exactly one week before national elections. Have you decided on who to vote yet?

I hope that people would be less apathetic and exercise this privilege, take note on the operative word – privilege.

I will vote because by voting, I will have the right to demand, to complain, to hope and to expect.

Let’s exercise our right of suffrage. Get inked!