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Minutes of the Meeting – an unofficial version March 19, 2010

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Minutes of the Meeting – Ops’ Strategic Planning Session

When: December 2nd week – moved to January – moved to Feb 27-Mar 1 – moved 2 days earlier to Feb 25-27 – almost got cancelled 1 week prior to date

Venue/Accomodation: Macau – changed to Dos Palmas after 2 weeks – changed to Baguio after a month – considered Zambales 1 week prior to date – became Fontana Subic 3 days prior

Transportation: Cebu Pacific (MNL-Macau) – changed to Cebu Pacific (MNL-Palawan) – changed to 3 SUVs and 1 car to Baguio – no one was genuinely willing to drive and considered hiring a driver – upon finalizing that Subic will be the venue and NLEX-SCTEX will be the road to take, everybody with a basic working knowledge in driving a bump car (think Enchanted Kingdom’s dodgem bump cars) suddenly volunteered to drive!

Urruts – our lead character aka pasimuno

Hero and Jojo – our macho directors

Bernie and Joel – aka guys with a 3rd eye

Louie – the lead villain (at least for Kevin)

Joy – producer and treasurer (of funds) 3 yrs in a row and still counting

Boyet, GI, Mike – cooks who make the best monggo, inihaw, adobo etc.

Inan – errand boy (taga tawag sa mga tao para kumain, taga tawag sa admin for internet connection, taga tawag sa admin for ice, taga hugas ng plato)

Mark and Chloe – extra! (hahaha wala ako maisip eh. peace!)


  • Day 1 –
    • AM – P&L session, Review of current initiatives, Action Plans Brainstorming (attendees: everyone except Hero who was having his headlights pimped-up)
    • PM – Convoy to Fontana (participants: everyone until eventually Kevin and his passengers entered a hyperdrive dimension leaving Hero, Joy and Jojo and their respective passengers eating his dust)
    • Evening – Rest and Relax aka comatose mode (participants: everyone plus a certain “babe” from Mark’s dream which Joel so unwillingly witnessed)
  • Day 2 –
    • AM-PM – Unwind and soak in the heat of the sun
    • Evening
      • Storytelling time – horror edition by Bernie & Joel (attendees: everyone except Kevin because he’s duwag… hihihi)
      • Midnight workmode for everybody. Laptops, Blackberrys’ and thinking minds are out once again (participants: everyone!)

Result / Feedback: Success! The best plan is to not make any plans at all, ang saya kapag impromptu lahat!

 ‘Til next year guys!


Conquering Beijing March 17, 2010

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Had our butts frozen in Beijing last week (good way to start your blogpost Joy, start with the word butt. very classy. tsk tsk tsk)

Except for the Great Wall trip, every other place that we went to in Beijing were basically DIY. We were either walking or taking the subway. I was such a cheapskate, I wouldn’t even take a taxi to ease my already aching feet or to comfort my mom’s cracking knees. No wonder why by the end of each day both my mom and I were either dragging our feet or supporting our baywang and our hotel room would smell like Bengay or Salonpas. Nyahahaha.

I am so happy to have checked-out all the places that I wanted to see in Beijing –

bird's nest

The Egg

Beijing’s Architectural Marvels – the Bird’s Next, Water Cube, The Egg and the new CCTV building. Really a spectacular site each one of them. I remember watching about these modern architectural marvels in National Geographic and I really couldn’t believe I finally got the chance to see them with my own eyes.


Forbidden City

Temple of Heaven

Tiananmen, Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven – Wow! Since China was a big country everything else has got to be big. They own one of the biggest public plazas, holds the biggest imperial palace and also the biggest ancient sacrificial buildings in the world.

Great Wall – Even bigger Wow! At some point you would forget about the thin air and biting cold because the view is just spectacular and no matter how tired you are from the climb or how cold you are from the winter chill one will still definitely be able to muster a WOW.

Beijing – check! … and definitely coming back!


Not for the faint stomached March 8, 2010

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Beijing’s Wangfujing street has a streetfood alley that serves just about anything that can be cooked in the street. And when I said anything, I really meant anything…

may starfish….

bee cocoon, centipede…

beetles, silkworm…

seahorse and some other slimy looking thing

some salagubang-like insect


Anything na pwede siguro itusok sa stick at ihawin, they’ve done it na. And since I’m such a no-nonsense, kick-ass, adventure-seeker kind of tourist….

nag- dumplings and candied haw in a stick ako! (this is a haw berry fruit dipped in hot melted sugar). LAME! hahahaha…..


Ni Hao from Beijing March 5, 2010

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Wander mode once again.

It’s my first time in majestic Beijing. It’s my second day here and so far all I can say is that the city is majestic indeed.

Tell you more about it soon. Gotta catch an acrobatics show for now. Exciting!