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Self deprecation time January 13, 2010

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They say that all babies are cute.

They are WRONG!

Or at least they haven’t seen a picture of me when I was still a baby.

Yep, that unfortunate looking kid happens to be me ages ago. Haaaay, I’m a sad, sad, sad little girl. Hahahaha.

It would always be a laughfest whenever my titas would talk about how ugly i was when I was baby. And I kid you not when I say ugly. Because I was really UGLY! I was born in the southern part of the country so when my parents flew me to Laguna my relatives were in for the biggest shock of their lives. The non-existent nose, the bigger than life birthmark, and the hair – the curly hair! As if the looks aren’t enough, even the “Q:Maganda ba sya? – A:Mabait naman sya” joke will not apply to me because I was a horrible horrible monster crybaby. My kuya told me that he has already sang all the songs he knew and I would still be crying.

This picture is actually good for me. For one, it will always keep me grounded. During days when I’m starting to become too mayabang, this picture will haunt me and tell me “hoy di ka masyadong kagandahan nung bata ka, kaya umayos ka!”. On the other hand it could be a good morale booster as well during those bad days because I can always tell myself  “Okay lang yan, isipin mo na lang na panget ka nung bata and you look better now” things will definitely pick up for me.

Ikaw, panget ka ba nung bata?