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Who are the people in your office- hood? October 27, 2009

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that's me surrounded by green people


and that's me surrounded by yellow people


or by "feeling ninja" people


by donut people...


by semi-drunk people


by crazy people!

Do you love your job?

….. I know I do!


Hapi na bertday pa! October 26, 2009

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Happy Birthday to my youngest brother… Sam, the cat with an attitude.


Please don’t grow up too fast Sammy, I still can’t imagine you leaving us for another feline. It’s like a straight shot to the heart. But if you should, just make sure she’s a really really hot one – yung parang pang Pussycat Doll level. Rarrrr!


nuninuninu part 2 October 6, 2009

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Way coooooooler!


Please don’t mind my chickenscratch-like scribbles on the white board behind me. but since I pointed it out, I’m sure now that you will anyway (sometimes I think some birds, even considering those teeny-weenie brains, are smarter than i am!).

mother earth and father earth

mother earth and father earth

We celebrated my mom’s birthday in Kabisera. The food was either great or we were really just very hungry… I say both. Obvious ba sa picture na I only remembered to take a photo when we were almost done eating?

Happy birthday motherdear! I want to age as gracefully as you, please, please, please share your secret with me. I promise not to sell it to any age-defying product company (at least not for the right price, mwahahaha).