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May we never forget September 11, 2009

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It’s a dark yet beautiful day. It was dark because of all the people, family and potential that were ruined by the senseless act. Beautiful because it was the day that the entire world was united against terrorism. Beautiful because people suddenly had a renewed respect in life and treated it and other people better. Beautiful because people were reminded of how fleeting life is and started calling or reaching out to their loved ones letting them know how much they are loved. Beautiful because it’s a testimony of the kindness of the human spirit manifested by those who helped rescue those who are trapped and comfort those who are grieving. Beautiful because out of one bad thing, so many beautiful things sprung. May we never forget that day.

And now on a personal note…

When the news about the gruesome and senseless act of terrorism in NY’s world trade center came out, I immediately texted my brother to check if he’s ok. My brother lives and works in Manhattan. Although he doesn’t work in that building, I still got scared knowing that he’s there just a couple of blocks away. When I didn’t get any reply from him, I called him and “spoke” to his answering machine instead. So I called and called and called and I texted and texted and texted for the nth time but did not hear anything from him. My mom and dad are already badgering me with info and I couldn’t give them anything. And so after 1 sleepless night, I finally got a text from him the following day. It went something like….

“Don’t worry I’m ok here. I was very sick so I skipped work and slept the entire day. When I finally went out of my place I noticed that the sky was gloomy and there’s just so many rubble. I asked a guy on the street what’s happening and he said to me: Where the hell have you been? then he told me what happened. I went back inside and checked my answering machine and that’s when I noticed that it’s already flooded with messages.”

Mantikang matulog! In our family, sya talaga yung super lupit matulog. I’m just a lousy second. When I read his message I wanted to kick him for almost giving me and my parents a heart attack.

with the kids 651

My kuya treated me to a night tour of the city when I visited him in NY. Here’s a photo of a steel frame that looks like a cross. The 911 rescuers retrieved this while working on what’s left of the WTC. To a skeptic, it may seem baduy as naturally there would be a lot of cross looking steel frames in that area. But let’s give it to them. In that time of grief, they needed to hold on to something. Something tangible if at all possible. To survive it, they had to believe that God is there watching over. They must have used this as a visible reminder.


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