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Who is Michael and is he really fat?… September 9, 2009

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Since last Monday was a rainy holiday, I had the chance to finally visit Fat Michael’s in Bangkal Makati. I’ve always been intrigued by this place as I’ve read so many cool things about it.


Fruit & Walnut Salad – Life Changing! I looooove the dressing. It really goes well with the croutons, lettuce, papaya, walnut (ofcourse!) and prunes (or is that dates?). I was litteraly enjoying my salad outloud with every bite (Joy: hmmm sarap, the best! oh my gosh)


Chicken Rosemary with Garlic Rice – Okay. Well proportioned serving


Nachos Salad


Pancake ala mode – Life Changing!



I’d say that what makes Fat Michael’s worth taking note of and worth talking about is the experience that it gives you while you’re there. You’d see the house (yes, it’s just your regular bangkal house) and you’ll immediately wonder what the fuzz is about. Then you enter and you’ll be left confused with the many happenings in front of you that you can’t comment coz you have no idea what’s really going on. There’s no similar tables, chairs, table spreads, lamps, plates and even salt and pepper shakers. Everything is distressed but are of its own individuality and character. You might want to bash or nitpick or compliment but it will just leave you awed, bewildered and fazed instead.  To add to this, Sasha, the owner’s daughter who also manages the place is super nice and accomodating.


A hole in the wall indeed. Such an interesting place.

Now the more important question: Sino si Michael at fat ba talaga sya?… I’ll remember to ask Sasha next time.


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