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High September 30, 2009

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I helped! And it feels damn goooood!

Knowing that a lot of people will benefit from what you’re doing just gives you a natural high. I’m telling yah, who needs drugs when you can just help. Gooooood feelin’

if george, a kid below 10 y/o is helping, there's no reason why a true blooded able bodied Filipino can't

if george, a kid below 10 y/o is helping, there's no reason why a true blue, able-bodied Filipino can't

the essentials: water, bread, canned goods, rice, clothing

the essentials: water, bread, canned goods, rice, clothing

Mae - energetic even after coming from an 18-hr shift

Mae - energetic even after coming from an 18-hr shift

busy packers
busy packers
Be part of it. Come to White Space bldg. Pasong Tamo ext. Makati or to any relief center near you. If you’re overseas, you can always wire-transfer. oki oki? See ya’ll there!

A call for compassion September 28, 2009

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Some photos from the web…



Philippines Flooding


Let us help them rebuild their lives.

Whether it be through donating, packing or distributing relief goods or just a simple but heartfelt prayer. As long as it’s sincere and out of goodwill and charity, it matters.


Note to self September 26, 2009

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Dear Joy,

Remember this day. When things get rough, if you’re feeling sad, when you’re in doubt, just remember this day.

There are bigger, even worse things happening in the world.

You’re very lucky.


I got stuck along the stretch of Makati ave for hours because of the flood. Couldn’t go further or go back as the water on both ends are either waist high or neck high. Begrudgingly spent money for a hotel room to stay for the night. Waking up after a nap in the hotel, I turned the TV on and saw the roof-high flood, people in their roof, people sleeping on LRT stations, people trying to salvage as much of their belongings as possible. I was very blessed. Thank you God. Please take care of all those damp and tired people.


Prayer September 23, 2009

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Dear God,

Please continue on showering me with your blessings…..

…… samahan mo na rin po ng Royce Nama Chocolate, yung Au lait ha?!

Thank you po.



sinful, sinful, sinful

sinful, sinful, sinful


The world is too beautiful to just sit in one corner September 22, 2009

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I like to travel. It gives me a natural high. My state of volition swings on both ends of the spectrum. I will take the road, splurge, explore and then hibernate, save-up and zonk-out only to take the road, splurge and explore once again. I sooo envy the life of Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown and the likes who all get paid to travel and discover new places and things. Aargh! The pain. The injustice. 

“The world is a book, those who do not travel read only a page”.  – St. Augustine

These are the pages I have leafed through so far:

happiest place this side of asia

happiest place this side of asia

Hong Kong – My home away from home. I loooove this place coz it’s so cosmopolitan and diverse. Pretty much like NY only with a cheaper airfare and hotel costs. The way our local airlines sell their HK tickets, it’s almost a sin to not have gone to HK.

Some notes: Go to Disney, specially if you’re almost 30 and haven’t been inside one. Paris is expensive, Visa is hard to get for either Anaheim or Orlando and so is Tokyo. I tell you, this is the best shot the you can get. Same goes for H&M (yeap, I really had to add that!). For me, the best time to visit HK is during its dry winter season. You’d get to be one of those people who walk around in nice boots, awesome coats and funky scarves. Haaay, so pretty.



USA – I’m fortunate to have visited 5 out of the 10 Top US travel destinations. Las Vegas, California, Arizona, Washington D.C. and New York. Vegas is a feast in the eyes, specially at night, California is hip yet gives you a homey feeling (maybe because there’s so many pinoys everywhere?), the Grand Canyon in Arizona is majestic, D.C is historic while NY is busy, chic and snotty – haay, I luuuurve New York!

Some notes: If already in Vegas, go the extra mile and head to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Along the stretch of the Hoover Damn, stand along the state line, one foot on the Nevada state area and the other on the  Arizona state area – then you get to tell people that you’ve been to 2 places at the same time! Is that cool or what?!?!?

the bund

the bund

Shanghai, China – I must say, I judged this city too soon. I thought it’d be boring with nothing much to see as my eyes have always been fixed on Beijing. What it did was, it looked me straight in the eye and said – Hah, kala mo lang yun! Very vindictive, that Shanghai.

Some notes. Take a walking tour along the French Concession by starting at the Bund. Very neoclassical, it’ll give you the European feel you’ll totally forget you’re in China. Make the most of your stay and take the train to it’s nearby provinces like Xitang. There’s a number of water villages and gardens you’d thought only exists in paintings. Oh and there’s H&M here too, hehehe.


Singapore – Uber clean and diverse. This is fast becoming an extension of the Philippines. Whether on the bus, on your way to a grocery, or inside the malls, there’s always a Filipino!

Some notes: Take a trick picture in front of the Merlion as if the water coming from its spout is pouring on your palm then take the train to KL and take a trick picture in front of the Petronas as if you’re Goliath separating the 2 towers by your arms. That should be a quick way to tick those 2 landmarks out of your checklist. Darn I wish I did that.

chillin in macau

chillin in macau

Macau- If you’re fast and efficient, you can tour the city in 1 day. The small laned streets specially those near the Senado square area look like Recto with all the bakeshops, watch stores, eateries only cleaner, less pollution and traffic free.

Some notes: Take advantage of the hotel shuttles!

buddha and friend

buddha and friend

Bangkok – Some might not agree on me with this, but I really think that BKK is just like the Philippines. Humid, crazy big malls, huge bazaars, variety of street food, even the people look the same. Only difference is that they have those grandiose palaces, temples and momentous ruins.

Some notes: Make room for vanity. The extended lashes, hair extensions, nail art, boob jobs et al. The works!

Yun lang. There are still so many places that I want to see. I am actually bargaining with God to not let me die yet until I have visited Beijing, Europe, Tokyo, Sydney and Cambodia and to witness in person the beauty of  the aurora borealis. Ang kapalit is to promise to write and share about it. Let’s see kung papayagan ako ni God.

Warning para di kayo madisappoint:

1. There’s no lechon macau in Macau

2. There’s no Lumpiang Shanghai in Shanghai

3. There’s no Yellow Cab in New York (Pinas lang pala nagpauso nun!)

4. There’s no Bangkok Pills in BKK (just regular diet pills) – oh but they do call their massage – Thai Massage!

5. In HK, Shanghai and I’m sure any other part of China, they call Chinese food – Food


May we never forget September 11, 2009

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It’s a dark yet beautiful day. It was dark because of all the people, family and potential that were ruined by the senseless act. Beautiful because it was the day that the entire world was united against terrorism. Beautiful because people suddenly had a renewed respect in life and treated it and other people better. Beautiful because people were reminded of how fleeting life is and started calling or reaching out to their loved ones letting them know how much they are loved. Beautiful because it’s a testimony of the kindness of the human spirit manifested by those who helped rescue those who are trapped and comfort those who are grieving. Beautiful because out of one bad thing, so many beautiful things sprung. May we never forget that day.

And now on a personal note…

When the news about the gruesome and senseless act of terrorism in NY’s world trade center came out, I immediately texted my brother to check if he’s ok. My brother lives and works in Manhattan. Although he doesn’t work in that building, I still got scared knowing that he’s there just a couple of blocks away. When I didn’t get any reply from him, I called him and “spoke” to his answering machine instead. So I called and called and called and I texted and texted and texted for the nth time but did not hear anything from him. My mom and dad are already badgering me with info and I couldn’t give them anything. And so after 1 sleepless night, I finally got a text from him the following day. It went something like….

“Don’t worry I’m ok here. I was very sick so I skipped work and slept the entire day. When I finally went out of my place I noticed that the sky was gloomy and there’s just so many rubble. I asked a guy on the street what’s happening and he said to me: Where the hell have you been? then he told me what happened. I went back inside and checked my answering machine and that’s when I noticed that it’s already flooded with messages.”

Mantikang matulog! In our family, sya talaga yung super lupit matulog. I’m just a lousy second. When I read his message I wanted to kick him for almost giving me and my parents a heart attack.

with the kids 651

My kuya treated me to a night tour of the city when I visited him in NY. Here’s a photo of a steel frame that looks like a cross. The 911 rescuers retrieved this while working on what’s left of the WTC. To a skeptic, it may seem baduy as naturally there would be a lot of cross looking steel frames in that area. But let’s give it to them. In that time of grief, they needed to hold on to something. Something tangible if at all possible. To survive it, they had to believe that God is there watching over. They must have used this as a visible reminder.


Who is Michael and is he really fat?… September 9, 2009

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Since last Monday was a rainy holiday, I had the chance to finally visit Fat Michael’s in Bangkal Makati. I’ve always been intrigued by this place as I’ve read so many cool things about it.


Fruit & Walnut Salad – Life Changing! I looooove the dressing. It really goes well with the croutons, lettuce, papaya, walnut (ofcourse!) and prunes (or is that dates?). I was litteraly enjoying my salad outloud with every bite (Joy: hmmm sarap, the best! oh my gosh)


Chicken Rosemary with Garlic Rice – Okay. Well proportioned serving


Nachos Salad


Pancake ala mode – Life Changing!



I’d say that what makes Fat Michael’s worth taking note of and worth talking about is the experience that it gives you while you’re there. You’d see the house (yes, it’s just your regular bangkal house) and you’ll immediately wonder what the fuzz is about. Then you enter and you’ll be left confused with the many happenings in front of you that you can’t comment coz you have no idea what’s really going on. There’s no similar tables, chairs, table spreads, lamps, plates and even salt and pepper shakers. Everything is distressed but are of its own individuality and character. You might want to bash or nitpick or compliment but it will just leave you awed, bewildered and fazed instead.  To add to this, Sasha, the owner’s daughter who also manages the place is super nice and accomodating.


A hole in the wall indeed. Such an interesting place.

Now the more important question: Sino si Michael at fat ba talaga sya?… I’ll remember to ask Sasha next time.