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To be bored and bizarre August 31, 2009

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This is what greeted me while going through my regular Laguna to Makati stretch:


The photo doesn’t really show it clearly as it was just taken through my camera phone – (then why Joy, why did you have to post it?!?!?!).  Anyway, it’s an image of a wide and traffic-less SLEX stretch wherein the half farther from me is raining while the other half which is nearer me is sunshiny! It gave me ample time to: A. turn my wipers on; B. slow down a bit as it’s about to get slippery; and C. go down on my knees and thank God that I didn’t get a carwash!

Sometimes don’t you just wish that life were that easy and forthcoming? It gives you an advanced warning of what’s about to come, that way you’d arrive more prepared and equipped…. Yeap, all those thoughts over a half rain, half shine concrete road…. tinuninuninuninu (Twilight zone sound)

Next is a photo of one of the buildings along Makati Ave.


I’ve been regularly driving along the Makati Ave stretch for nearly 5 years now after I moved in the city (naks, kala mo probinsyanang probinsyana!). This building has piqued my interest about 1 or 2 years ago after I realized that eversince I worked in Makati, although I may be wrong in the timelines, the facade, or at least from the ground up to 3 or 5 floors has been closed from public view because of an on going construction of its ground floor. Everytime I see the building I always get intrigued as to what’s taking it that darn long to finish when the renovation is being done on just a fraction of the building. Why God, why do these things have to bother me?!?!? Anyway, just last week I saw that it has opened, FINALLY! I was close to tears. Finally, I got closure!

Haaay, weird things really can penetrate an idle mind.


Bohol was surreal! August 25, 2009

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The river of Loboc captivated me. It’s not everyday that you see a river that’s green, clean and is surrounded by lush vegetation where all you can hear is the crackling of the bamboo trees as it gently dances with the flurry of the wind.


The chocolate hills was breathtaking. It’ll require you to take 200 plus steps (my mom warned me about this and said that she opted to stay in the base area wherein the view is just as spectacular). But it’s all. friggin’. worth. it.!!! 


Panglao Island’s Alona beach was calming. It wasn’t too crowded and noisy which offers you a peaceful time for slumber and stillness. Having a resort that offers you a cliffside view of the beach surely made the experience even more astounding.


On the light side, I’m thrilled to have found my match in the animal kingdom. TARSIER!

Tarsier: Nocturnal  –   Joy: Because of my line of work, definitely nocturnal!

Tarsier: At daytime they hide in hollows close to the ground  – Joy: At daytime, oh I’m definitely hollowed in my bed with no care in the world

Tarsier: Gets stressed out when lacking sleep, sometimes bang their head when too stressed  –  Joy: very grumpy when lacking sleep, sometimes seriously considers banging someone’s head when too stressed 

handsdown the cutest primate in the world!

handsdown the cutest primate in the world!


Back from Bohol August 24, 2009

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It’s so easy to fall in love with Bohol. The first few minutes during my transfer from Tagbilaran airport to the resort was enough for me to be captivated by its charm. More of that soon, gotta catch up on work for now…

touchdown, bohol

touchdown, bohol


I like boxes with surprises August 21, 2009

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5 days after I giddily opened a box , I once again received a package, this time from my bro who’s doing big time and living his dream in the NY!

The moment I saw this I couldn’t wait to tear it open…

Inside is a choice (since I’m supposed to pick one and give the other to my mom) between



or this


definitely getting the guccissima leather one….

although the brown canvass will go really well with my bag….


i’m confused! can I just have ’em both?

Considering my work hours, if I’m still up by 11am, I’d get grumpy na. Pero with this, instant energy boost kaagad ang nakuha ko!

Thanks Kuya! you really know how to tickle my fancy.


2 cakes, 4 surprises, 1 million worth of gratitude and happiness August 17, 2009

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it’s touching to know that people conspired to throw you a surprise

it’s nice to come home to your place and find your comfort food prepared just for you

it’s great to know that people remembered

it’s definitely comforting to be able to start your birthday with your loved one

Thank you God, thanks for everything. I know that others could only dream of ALL that I have now. I may not be the best person that I can be, but please know that I try.


Let the pictures do the talking

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just sitting, smiling and being all unassuming

just sitting, smiling and being all unassuming


baffled, clueless, astonished

baffled, clueless, astonished


curious, anxious, excited

curious, anxious, excited


delighted, smitten, overwhelmed

delighted, smitten, overwhelmed

Grown-ups need serious phones and my new Blackberry 8520 mean serious business BIG time! – to compensate for the new owner who simply refuses to grow up?!?!?!

Thanks Tushie!


Thank you po! August 5, 2009

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As I write this, majority of the Filipino people are glued to their TV sets as they watch with a heavy heart and teary eyes the requiem, eulogy and burial of our former president, Cory Aquino.

I am writing this not to analyze her political career as I am no expert in that. I am not going to write about her as a person as the only information I know about her is whatever it is I have heard from her close family and friends. I am also not writing this to join the bandwagon, I’m much too unorthodox for that.

I am writing this because I am able to express myself and tell the world about what I think and feel without fear or prejudice all because of the freedom she so bravely fought for back when I was 6 or 7 years old.

I am writing this because I owe her this.

Thank you President Cory.


mobile phones and memories August 4, 2009

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Here’s an article made by a friend of mine who wishes to remain incog. He doesn’t blog although I believe flat out that he should. This is an engaging and delightful read that will surely take you to a trip down memory lane. I “butchered” it a bit to suit the blog style better as it was originally intended as a PPT thingy.

The Most Influential Mobile Phones in MY opinion

This is a rundown of what I think are the most influential mobile phones that I have come across and categorized and ranked through my own perspective and preference.



Gone are the days where cellphones were as big as your landline with some that even required a huge bulky mobile battery pack that you had to carry around with your cellphone. These were smaller, lighter and while still expensive, not as bank account depleting as their big brothers.

Before this, the mobile phone was seen as more than just a luxury item, it was just not seen as a mainstream device like a personal computer or a TV. It was more for businessmen and executives, something that a regular person just wont need. This of course changed because of…

The Nokia 5110


If the first cell phone was the wheel, this phone was the car. This was a monumental step in the world of cellphones as this paved the way for all other trendy and mass market cellphones to come. Almost everybody wanted one, and can you blame them? Interchangeable colored face covers, a “4 liner” screen, graphics editable sms, the Snake game, and whole bunch of other features that caught the world’s attention and interest. Suddenly, the mobile phone was no longer for just the corporate world and the businessmen, its for everone now and if you didnt own one, you’re a loser.


Special Mention – The Philips Genie. Why? because I didnt want to be part of the masses, I wanted to be different. I wanted a phone that was just as trendy and when the 5110’ers gave me grief about not being able to see the “graphic bears txt” or play the snake game, I would just turn on the voice dialing feature ( which was a first for any mobile phone ) and would shut them up and make them walk away. nyahahaha!

 The Nokia 3210


Remember that commercial where they cutoff the antenna? Well that pretty much says it all about why this phone was a landmark, Its one of the first phones around with an internal antenna. Oh and of course, the other feature that made this phone the latest craze, just one word – COMPOSER.

The Nokia 7110


I remember seeing this phone on display at the mall and I said, Damn I want that phone. The best aesthetic feature?  The auto-slide cover at the press of a button!  I had to slave for 5 months as a telemarketer saving every commission and a picture of this phone cut out from a magazine ad and taped to my computer monitor was my motivation. In the end it was all worth it, that first button press with the cover automatically sliding down like Neo, gave me Matrix like goosebumps.

 The Nokia 8210


 This phone was a landmark phone simply because it was one of the most beautiful and smallest not to mention the priciest at the time. It became the first of what would later become a continous string of “status symbol” phones. If you had this phone, you were either rich or had parents that were.

 The Nokia 7650


Lets go back to the invention of the wheel, after that the next big step in that direction would be the automobile and all was good and great until Wilbur and Orville Wright came along and said, hello “Man” we would like to introduce you to “the impossible”.

 Much like how the Airplane changed the face of conventional travel, the 7650 rocked the world and forever changed the future of the mobile phone industry.

 It was trailblazer and innovator, nevermind that it costs an arm and a leg, there’s just so many “firsts” on this phone that an entire article can be done on this separately. The first colored phone, the first camera phone, gone are the monophonic beeps and tones, this phone brandished the first polyphonic truetone sounds, suddenly your own voice or your favorite love song can be the message or ring tone. Back in the day when none of us understood what it meant, the 7650 introduced us all to Bluetooth technology. The list goes on and while there’s a good chance that other devices had one or two of the features mentioned here, the 7650 was the first that successfully intergrated all of these.

 Sony Ericsson P800


Out of nowhere two electronic giants, Sony and Ericsson decided hey, lets join up and make phones! And then Nokia felt a very real cold shudder, and with good reason too. With the entry of the P800, suddenly your phone is no longer just a phone, it was now a very small very versatile mini computer. This phone was monumental because this was arguable the flagship that ushered in the age of the smartphones. I know that some of you will say that the P900, the P910i and a whole slew of other phones were better than the P800, but lets get it in perspective. The p800 was the mold. Plain and simple.

it was quiet for awhile after this, new phones kept popping up here and there, some were good, some not so much, others were complete flops. Phone features kept getting updated, improved and enhanced. And with every new feature these phones kept getting bulkier and bigger and heavier which is ok and it didnt really bother anyone.

 That is until…

The Motorola RAZR


By far the most beautiful, sleek, stylish and revolutionary phone of its kind. Just like a supermodel, one look at this phone and its love at first sight regardless of age, gender or race. You almost wont care what the features were, the phone was just too damn fricking breathtaking. But with features that can go toe to toe with any smartphone around at the time, you cant help but yell WITCHCRAFT! WITCHCRAFT! How else could they have pulled off this feauture rich phone in that tiny little razor thin exterior. This phone was such a work of art that it reminded phone companies that bigger isnt always better. This was the last of the bunch, the last phone that I really lusted over for a long time.

Which brings us to the phones of today, The Age of the Blackberry’s and quickly succeeded by the Age and domination of the Iphones. Both Iconic and trailblazing in their own right but I know that there’s no longer a need to tell you why as these phones pretty much speak for themselves or at least – their ads that you can see literally everywhere – do.



 Thanks for going down mobile phone memory lane with me. It was certainly a fun and very nostalgic ride. Lets watch out and wait what the next 10 or so years will bring.