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Ode to my North Star June 30, 2009

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One day  in the summer of ’85, I was seated in a cozy couch beside my Mom located inside a small but charming little school. From where I was seated, I can see that there is a mini playground right outside the classroom and a tree stands staunchly in the middle of it all. This made me more excited about going to school as I’d have a bigger place for me to run and play. This is the day I’m supposed to take my initial evaluation exam for the Principal to determine if I’m good to go for Kindergarten or if I still have to go through Nursery. Here are their basic requirements for entry to Kindergarten as I remember it:

  • Should be able to identify basic colors
  • Should be able to identify basic shapes
  • Can recite and recognize the alphabet
  • Can count to 10 at least and recognize numbers
  • Has the ability to write her/his own name

My mom’s confident that I’ll do good in this evaluation and that I don’t need to go through Nursery anymore. She’s a teacher herself and a good one in fact, so even at a tender age I already know how to read, write, identify colors and shapes.

And so I was asked to come inside the classroom for a one on one with the teacher. First test, identifying basic colors – panis! I passed with flying colors (boohoo, corny!)

Next exam, identifying basic shapes. Like the first part, tapos agad, di man lang pinagpawisan. Same thing happened for the third and the fourth part of the exam.

Then came the last exam. It’s as simple as writing my own name on a sheet of paper. This time, I was asked to join the other kids who are, like me, undergoing the entrance exam. The teacher instructed me to sit beside this tall, pretty girl who is obviously at least a year older than I am. When we were asked to start writing our names on the paper handed to us, I wasn’t paying attention to my stuff at all and was just in awe, watching the girl beside me write her name in script. In my mind, I was like saying “COOOL! she’s pretty, she’s tall and she can write in script” and “Poor me, I’m negra, I’m frail and I can only write in print”. And so the pretentious, inggitera Joy took over “ha!, if she can do it, I can do it too!”

And so, to the shock of my teacher and to the horror of my mom, this is somewhat how my paper turned out to be:


During the discussion part, my mom, for the life of her, couldn’t understand how her legible child suddenly became dysgraphic. A secret, that up to this day, my mom still doesn’t know of (not if she reads this though). Good thing the teacher took my mom’s word that I can really write and accepted me in Kindergarten right away instead of having to go through Nursery first.

Thank you Ms. Fely Baterina for taking a chance on me. I Could only imagine that my life would have been totally different if I had to go through Nursery first. You are one of my greatest influences during my formative years. You taught me how to sit properly, how it is always good to share and why it’s important to always keep my fingernails clean. Well that and many others. I know you’re in heaven now smiling down on us. Like how you used to be our North Star, when we were still Twinklers in our Star Scout days.


gadgets, thoughts, MJ June 27, 2009

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I got it! I got it!…. and it’s bayuuuutiful! The Vaio P that I have been lusting over with for the longest time is now here, snuggled, comfortable and all puhretty in my hands. I have yet to explore it, I’m not even sure if I really need a second laptop. All I know is that this was made with me in their minds. Another reason why I’m raving about it is that I got it for a good 20% off, no sweat! I swear I must have hoodwinked those poor computer sales people peeps because all the other stores I went to would only give my 10% off max. Plus they gave me a mouse and a USB drive. Steal!



After so many weeks of endless searching and longing, I finally got the shoes with an umph! Now I have shoes that shall go perfectly with my LV! Love it!



Friday, June 26 st 5:55am, MNL. I dropped by Bernie Tuazon’s office to say goodbye coz I’m about to go home. Without paying attention to me, he just stared wide eyed at his laptop and uttered – No Way! That’s how I learned that Michael Jackson is dead.

It’s funny how Bernie and I were just talking about the guy a couple of months ago after he announced his comeback concet in London. We were admitting that no matter how weird or querky the guy has become, we still cannot take away the fact that he IS a great performer, a brilliant artist and was really responsible for changing the face of the music industry. He may not be a great husband, person or dad, but to all of us he is an artist, and in that field he is the KING! So from one of the many children of the 80’s of which you have greatly influenced – goodbye, our moonwalker.



It’s nice to just sit in a comfortable couch, sipping hot choco’ listening to jazz and the entire world leaving you alone with just you and your thoughts. It’s damn good to get a breather every once in a while.



This one’s for Fatherdear June 19, 2009

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This conversation transpired about 20ish years ago:

8-9y/o Joy Raymundo: “Tay bili mo naman ako ng Kabayo”

Joy’s dad: “Anak, gustuhin man ng tatay na ibili ka ng kabayo, kaya lang di natin kaya kasi lalo pa tayo mapapamahal kasi pag binili kita ng kabayo, mapipilitan ako bumili ng rancho o hacienda”

8-9y/o Joy Raymund0: “Ha? Baket naman eh kabayo lang ang gusto ko”

Joy’s Dad: ” Anak, pag binili kita ng kabayo, san mo sya ilalagay?”

8-9y/o spoiled yet guileless Joy Raymund0: ” Sa parking”

Those may not be the actual words used but that was the gist of our conversation. I so remember it because I really wanted to own a horse back then because I saw how elegant the equetrians look (had I known na pwede lang bumili ng costume, tapos na sana issue!). I also specifically remember it because it is one of the VERY FEW things that I asked from my dad of which he wasn’t able to grant.

he likes it candid

My dad is so selfless and he loves us soooo much. He may not be the expressive type but we never doubted his love for us. All my kuyas and I grew up having our dad as the strong and matapang figure. People fear him because he can be really strict. What they don’t know is that he cries in drama movies and TV episodes, he gets really mad and loud during arguements with my brothers (specifically kuya Joey! hehehe) but he still ends up being the one who makes suyo or that the most innocent “hi lolo” from his apo can easily melt away his anger. He’s got numerous contacts and connections, be it legitimate or not :), in fact it was through this that he was able to help almost an entire barangay’s young men to be able to afford to go and finish college and land a job, it may probably be the samer reason why he already lost count of his inaanak sa kasal and binyag. My dad may always be seen lacoste, levis or RL clad, redolent of Issey Miyake or Boss but that’s just due to us (maarte nyang mga anak!) because my dad is really a very simple person. He finds happiness in eating with his bare hands, having all of us seated together feasting on food prepared by either me or my mom. Oh and you should see him when he talks about his kids. How he lights up whenever I’m around or how he brags about how smart and accomplished my Kuya Jumbo is or how gwapo my Kuya Jojo is (until now, he’s still Jestoni Alarcon look-alike hahahaha!) or how cunning and clever my Kuya Joey is. It’s also admirable how he can readily discuss topics and issues ranging from politics to sports to the regular kwentong barbero, I swear if I’d develop half his wit, I’d be happy. Happy Fathers’ Day tay!… pakain ka naman!


My Optimus Prime June 8, 2009

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I was watching Transformers in HBO last Saturday with my Tush. He was such a darling coz he was holding my improvised ice-pack right next to my cheek because I just had my tooth extracted and was really grumpy because I also just came from a gruelling 3 hours session with my ortho to put on my braces. He didn’t leave until he was sure that I was fine.

me in my kadiri braces

me in my kadiri braces

Tush-tush, you’re my Optimus Prime!

tush tush


Upon reading this blog page, Tush came to me and with very well chosen words, told me that while he appreciates the vote of confidence, he has no semblance at all with the character. I said, well this is my blog and so I get to call the shots on as to how to personify any character I want to (sorry Tush-tush!)


June 23, Tuesday moments after watching the advanced screening of Transformers in Rockwell, Tush candidly told me: “Remember how I commented about your blog post and how I said that while Optimus Prime was good and all, he’s still not one of my favorite characters? I’m taking it back now – Optimus Prime was such a bad ass!”


Due to insistent public demand……

this is how Tush likes it

this is how Tush likes it