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Ambivalent May 25, 2009

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Has calm and serenity ever been impressed upon you that you start doubting  if its true and you go to a different place to check if what you just had was for real, you realize that it is, you come back and never want to leave?

Have you ever paddled to hover in water your direction aimed at the horizon giving you a reminder of how small you are as compared to the ocean, making you humble and brave at the same time?

Have you ever taken flight, letting the wind blow through your hair taking you to heights unimaginable, making you believe you can fly but at the same time remind you that you can just, as easily, fall?

Have you ever done something for the first time with someone you never imagined you’d experience anything at all with, making you wonder how come it took you so long to recognize his existence that you feel stupid and lucky at the same time?

Have you ever been to a place so resplendent you want to take a shot at every angle to show and tell the good news about your discovery to the world, but at the same time you’d like to just keep a mental picture all to yourself in the fear that if many others discover it, it might lose it’s pristine wonder?

I want to share to the world how beautiful the place is. I want to tell the people how relaxing and calming it felt. I want to celebrate it’s wonder. Believe me, I want to, coz it’s travesty if I don’t. 

But I don’t want to tell where the place is. I don’t want to share the emotions. It’s rare that things get this pure it makes you appeased. That if shared, it wouldn’t be as special.


Okay, back to the scatter-brained, magulong kausap, walang sense na Joy. This past weekend I discovered a nice beach. The place was so bayuuuutiful, private and quiet. And the best thing about it is it’s very affordable and accesible! My head is battling itself if I should write about it or not. Ang ganda ng place so I really want to rave about it, kaya lang I’m scurrrd na if maraming people find out about it, magpuntahan na sila, mawala na yung magic ng place. So what’s Joyka gotta do? Will I take the high road and share or be selfish and keep it to myself??? hmmmmm…. for now, I’m keeping it to myself wahahahaha!(readers: “BOO”).


This is inspiration. May 6, 2009

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As the paperworks slowly stack-up on my desk and the daily task portion of my planner lengthen as if on a mechanical manner, my need to expend my source of inspiration intensifies.

Please allow me to take a few minutes of your time and watch this (since with you reading this, I am already wasting your time anyway, ano beh?!). This is my favorite bit, hope you guys like it too.

That, my friends is inspiration.

If you are not moved, even just a bit, by the power of that performance, ewan ko na lng. That is just 4-5 minutes out of close to 3 hours of awesome, moving, sterling performance of some of the finest theater actors that has ever walked on earth.

When I went to NY, my brother took me to Broadway and bought me a Les Miserables ticket. What’s even awesome-er is that my favorite, Lea Salonga is doing Fantine. After the show, I told him that I am ready to die.

Dream Come True

Dream Come True

I LOVE Broadway musicals, and Les Miserables is what I love the most. I’ve been a HUGE fan of this since elementary. That was the time when my Kuya Jojo went back from a NY vacation and came home with tapes (oh diba, tape pa?) of Les Miserables and Phantom. On my 2nd year in High School, I remember myself selling the idea to my classmates of using Les Miserables for our year-end presentation for our English class. Back then (or is it still now?), that was a tough thing to sell coz not everybody knows about broadway musicals (or atleast very few appreciates them). But my classmates are very nice (fine, i imposed the idea since I’m the musical director. hehehe) so we ended doing this. It was a hit! I played Fantine (dream come true, kahit local scene lang. hehehe!). Yip, I did have this awkward stage in life when all of my friends are listening and going gaga over Backstreet boys or Spice Girls while I was just in one corner listening to Broadway. Story of my life!

joy meets lea

joy meets lea