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and once again the ocean beckons March 15, 2009

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it’s summer once again. and just like any other living soul who’s frenzied about the great blue, I find myself once again scouting for the most perfect summer getaway.

so here goes my “things to consider” list:

1. Hardcash, dough, mulah, almighty dollar, bread. X

Do I have enough? You see I’m about to enter the 2 most magastos week of my life. I’ll be out of the country 2 weeks in a row (crazy? I know!) and that means I’ll be feasting on skyflakes and water the coming days and will be at the mercy of birthday celebrants, newly promoted peeps, bosses’ meeting calls and a few endangered species (the manlilibre ako just because I can rich kids!) for free meals.

2. Does it have to be summer?

Ofcourse it has got to be summer! I don’t want to get a tan on August or December. It has got to be this summer!@!@!@!@!@! I got a 655PhP ticket to Palawan this June and for me it technically doesn’t count as summer. I have no choice though, because of consideration #1 I don’t just see myself planning a splurge anytime soon after that (if I know what’s good for me and my bank account). I bought that ticket because I really wanted to see Palawan’s glory before everybody else ravages it (I miss sweet, innocent Bora back in the late 80’s or early 90’s).

3. Can i still afford to go on leave from work? X

I love my job, it gives me satisfaction, self-worth and it provides room for me to grow day by day. However, as much as I love it, it ain’t my life. I got life outside of it (or at least I’d like to think that I do). So my philosophy is, if it’s my restday, it’s my Rest day (just like if I’m at work, I’m really at work). Like what I mentioned, I got vacays scheduled so that means I’ll be out on leave twice this March, twice this April, twice this June and twice this July. So nope, can’t afford to go on leave anymore. To simply put, and kapal ko na yata pag nagleave pa ako. hahahaha!

4. Do I have the body for it?

I have given up on my body. One day I’m bochog, next day I’m pulling my jeans up. It simply has a life and mind of it’s own. So I won’t stress on it anymore. Besides, the beach isn’t just about having the right figure for it. It’s about having enough free spirit to take on the waves.

5. Do I have the right companion?

Hell yeah! I already booked the owner of the best tush in da world!

Conclusion: One April or May Saturday morning I’d grab my snorkles, swimsuit and my man-tush for a 3 hr travel to a serene beach armed with stuff and money just enough for an overnighter. Take on the waves, explore the marine life, get a tan, order a margarita if I must, eat a delightful kebab, indulge on a massage, sleep, wake up to see the sun rise on the horizon, take a last dip on the ocean then head back to dear, dirty, noisy city called Makati.


sensation, fixation March 14, 2009

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On Food…

I have just discovered…………. SANGO!

I am just hoping that my blog site doesn’t get too much traffic so that not so many people would discover sango as well, well at least not through me. It’s so yummy I want to keep it a secret (madamot na kung madamot, I don’t care!)

I first tried the Master Cheeseburger. First bite = First love. SINFUL pare!


Next try, Yakiniku Burger. First bite = Instant Convert. UNREAL!


With my Sango experience, burgers will never ever be the same again.

On Leisure…

Jon and Kate plus 8. I love this show. Shown at their natural habitat, this is very entertaining coz the kids are just soooo darn cute.


My favorite just happens to be the Gosselin sibling that everybody loves to hate (at least in the forums and blogs I’ve read so far) – Mady Gosselin. The episode when it’s the twin’s birthday (Mady and Cara), Kate their mom was shown preparing for her kids’ surpise party with all the decorations and her baking two sets of chocolate birthday cakes. The 1 hour episode basically concentrated on this. And then entered Mady. She and her twin sister just got home from school and the scene showed Mady storm past the door, ignoring all the decorations and her birthday cake and kicked a balloon that was on her way and headed straight to the room, all at Kate’s surprise! CLASSIC BRAT!


She’s the Gosselin child with the famous lines such as: “Mom, can’t you just let them have fun?” or “Oh get over it Dad”. She is the kind of child I’d be scared to have, but it’s me so yup, I’m definitely getting one like that!