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I Am Sam February 8, 2009

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I am Sam Raymundo. Curiously though, my family calls me Samuel as a nickname. I’m 2 years old and my birthday is Oct 25, 2006. I have 3 brothers and a sister. I am the youngest and the apple of the eye.

I go crazy over balut and enjoy midmorning and afternoon siestas or catnap. I usually take a bath on Thursdays. I don’t like taking a bath. Whenever I see my mom holding my maroon bath towel, I’d hurriedly hide under the center table so she can’t get me. She’d eventually trick me into going out by making my foodcan sound (damn works everytime!). Apparently I had to be bathed at least once a week because Joy (my sister) likes me mabango. To get even to her, I’d always run to her room and lick myself dry in her bed after every baths (hehehe, sinister ei!).


I’m fierce, smart and not very trusting, but once you win me over, I could be very loyal.

My parents say I’m sweet. Perhaps because I love to sleep beside them at night and kiss both of them before I go to sleep. My voice is also the first thing they hear in the morning which seems like music in their ears. They are weird at times though. One time I pooped in our washroom and my mom went crazy mad. It’s not my fault if I’m still too small to reach the toilet seat that’s why I opted to poop in the toilet floor, I mean should’t I be getting a kudos for trying? Anyway, they just have a thing for me pooping and peeing in a sandbox so I guess I’ll do that then. Oh, they are also very protective coz they won’t allow me to go out if neither one of them can come.

My siblings, they hate me. Once or twice I tried to reach out to them by holding them but they got mad and accused me of scratching them. Maybe because they are just jealous of my retractable claws, it’s not my fault if they don’t have one. They accuse my parents of playing favorites. Ofcourse my parents wont admit to that, they don’t want to hurt their feelings. Honestly though, I know I’m the favorite. In fact I’m so close to getting the family inheritance all to myself – Hah revenge is sweet! What I hate most is that they call me names of which their favorite is “PUSA”. How could they call their own sibling a PUSA??? I hate it. And I hate cats, whenever I see one, I haunt them down. I even remember killing a kitten once.

Anyway, I’m still young so I still have not made up my mind on what to do when I grow up. All I know is that I’m going to be really awesome and my family is going to be very proud of me.

Sam is a siamese cat that the Raymundo family adopted sometime in October of ’06. We don’t know when his real birthday is, he must have assigned a date for him instead. The things he stated above are somewhat real, in his perception of reality at least. Oh and obviously, he doesn’t know that he’s a cat. So when you see him, please don’t tell him. It would break his heart.

One Response to “I Am Sam”

  1. joykablogs Says:

    yeah, and you’re the meanest to samuel!

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