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Let the craze begin January 19, 2009

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Last year, I promised myself that I won’t be this flipsy anymore. But right after it’s first week I see my promises all shattering down in front of me.

Lining up for my Idol audition in front of Kodak Theatre

I have totally lost it. i have gone so long without it but recently, just recently I had global cable installed all for AI.

I can see it coming. I will be late on Wednesdays and Thursdays for work once again and will be butt-glued in bed, indistractable and indesturbable.

It’s bound to happen. I will get a favorite and hear myself including him/her on my bedtime prayers.

I have to admit it. Craze has arrived yet again.



One quick Macau to go, please January 18, 2009

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Because of limited time constraints, I toured Macau in 24 hours (or maybe less). I was able to maximize the time that I was given though because of careful planning and strategizing (ehem, ehem). I know, I know, Macau is just a very small place, but still!


The obligatory ruins of Sao Paolo Church shot. Everyone who’s gone to Macau should have this kind of photo taken. Parang ang sad naman kung wala kang kuha dito, even more kung di mo to napuntahan. That’s travesty to Macau.


Another mark of Macau is the patterned tiles along Senado square. A walk through Senado square is like a walk through a mall as it is lined with several shops and botiques, food stalls that introduces you to some of Macau’s famous delicacies and streetfoods including their peanut candies, almond cookies and egg tarts. This walk also eventually leads you to the Ruins of St. Paul.

The Macau Gran Prix Museum, which haunts me in my dreams ’til now for a completely different reason (damn map!)

And the fisherman’s wharf, charming, charming, charming!

Ofcourse there’s the numerous Hotels and Casinos that line Macau city proper and Taipa. This may be something that Macau boasts of from all it’s Asian neighbors but I’m still giving the Hotels and Casinos Paradise title to Las Vegas (sorry!).


can’t wait January 13, 2009

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My brother is coming home!!! it’s so near… i can feel it. ha! as if! that’s like 2 months from now pa. oh, but I can feel it baby!

My entire life, i have always been my brothers’ baby sister because well, uhm, im the only girl. and i have always been their favorite sister, but then again it’s because I’m the only girl. and that i have always been taken care of (ano ba talaga tama, “taken care of” o taken cared of” ???) and pampered because…. hmmm, oh yeah, coz I’m the only girl. crap! looks like i left them with no choice then huh. oh well, as long as i get the most pasalubongs after coming home from long trips, or the most “problematized” person during gift-giving seasons, or who’s tummy they listen to during restau dine-out dilemmas, then i’m goooooooood.

And so the stress kicks in. Save-up for our out of town and out of the country trips. Be really nice to my boss to get that long leave. Lose the right amount of weight so i’d look good in family pictures. keep my phone handy even while i’m asleep coz it’ll get busy (specially when he’s already shopping for pasalubong). get my self emotionally stable so i don’t bawl like a poor little baby when he leaves.

Anyhoo, I’m really psyched about my Kuya coming home. aside from the fact that we’ll be spending almost a week in Hong Kong with my pamangkins (huwaat? Hong Kong again? oh yes! TL na ‘to! – who wouldn’t love the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan cities?) I get to see and be with him again. Come to think of it, last time we’re together was May-April of ’07 in New York.


Looooooong time!


notes for my “would be” travelogue January 5, 2009

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*expect to get what you paid for… and boy did we pay dearly for being a cheapo. dreadful facade, rusty elevator, hair everywhere, horribly dirty washroom, dusty tabletops, questionable bed sheets. ulk, ulk, ulk. Chungking Mansions (more of Chungking shanty) – NEVER AGAIN!

*ditch the cab and walk, specially when you’re in Macau. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and you should be good to go.

these shoes are made for walking

these shoes are made for walking

*Travelling is too nice an activity to make room for topak. I say when you’re about to throw a fit, suck it all up and smile.

*it pays to know people. who knows who might just give you a free ticket to disneyland and 30% discounts on their shops. thanks to my “big brothers” Eric and Marvin!

*endure the hassles of miscommunication. the disconnects, when you’re flexible enough will force you to blend in to the people and their culture. “What train to disney?” or “What bus to airport?” oh, and go try doing it in their accent as well, you might just weird yourself out. hehehe. If you’re in Macau When worse comes to worst, ask a security guard, there is a 95% probability that he or she is Pinoy!

 *Because they aren’t always 100% accurate, screw maps and travel guides. Be ready to get lost, and have fun while at it. Let yourself go!”Macau Grand Prix Museum, we’re here, where are you??? Pakita ka na, magbabayad naman kami eh”

 *If it’s dry winter season, don’t just bring a jacket and scarf. Bring someone else along. “Hold hands na tayo bilisan mo!”,  “Hindi po kami sweet, giniginaw lang po talaga kami”

 *When travelling, it’s always cool to draw the “Let’s try something new” card. Alas, I’m not much of a believer of that when it comes to food but hey you can be that person, and once you’ve done that, tell me about it.

 *Go ahead and embarass yourself. Take funny and weird pictures. Walk along the streets looking lost. Bring and flaunt your camera. Buy an “I Love ___” shirt if there is one. Don’t mind them, you won’t see them again in your lifetime anyway and besides, who cares???

striking a pa-cute bruce lee pose

striking a pa-cute bruce lee pose

*bring someone dear along. a friend, a relative, a loved-one. just HAVE someone along. It’s better to cherish memories if you have someone to share it with. I did.