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Surviving an “almost” panic attack December 31, 2008

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m not big in traditions but in the spirit of New Year resolutions I’m still going to write my take about it.

I read a very inspiring email from a very dear friend of mine yesterday which he sent to the entire ops team. He talked about shedding our fear of the unknown for us to be prepared for something, about remembering the tough stuff that brought us to where we are.

I spent the first few hours of the 31st of December being ma-drama and all. I was ruminating on the year that I was about to leave behind. For a while there I panicked because of this “fear of the unknown” and not knowing what’s paved ahead of me. Believe me it was like a panic attack of some sort but this guy calmed me down and put my mind to perspective once again. Thanks Bernie, without you I would have been taking antidepressants or antianxiety meds right at this moment (boo!).

So for 2009 I’m sending forth my fears, take on this thing we call life and show it the real stuff Joy Raymundo is made of. And if all else fails (oh yes, I’m palpak most of the time) I’ll recourse to remembering the SURE things that I have and love in life… loved ones, friends, family and yeah, even my cat.

So to you 2009, Bring it!


Unreal…. December 29, 2008

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…is the word that best describes the past two weeks. Life is really funny sometimes, peaks and valleys to the hilt. And when it peaks, it sure peaks.



A weekend in Vail December 18, 2008

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And by “Vail” I mean, Hong Kong and Macau during it’s coldest season for the year!

Indulge me. I don’t have enough money and enough leave credits to go to Vail Colorado on a whim so okay na yung HK, plus I get to visit Macau for the first time. Ang lamiiiig! Even if I wasn’t able to go skiing in the famous Vail ski resorts I still experienced snow in HK disneyland.


As you can see I got mad-ass skills in photoshop… I can beat FHM’s airbrush artists any given day!

Hong Kong is homespun, Macau was amazing, the weather was nippy. It’s the BEST way to end the year.


My First Survey Ever December 6, 2008

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What are you passionate about: Life itself. Those who really know me could attest to this. I’m the “I looooovee” type of person rather than the “uhm, okay” type

Favorite movie this year: Still preaching the gospel of The Dark Knight. I would join a rally if it’s a “Heath Ledger immortalized the joker role” cause

Most played songs in mind lately: Mulan’s Man out of you, Home Alone’s theme, Tears for Fears’ Break it down again…. Wait, why am I admitting this?

Hero: My personal superman

Best quality about me: I’m crazy

The worst: I’m crazy

Do you have a direction?: I would like to think that I do… coz if I don’t, DARN!

Last semi-sensible purchase: An LCD TV… or so I’d like to think that it is indeed sensible

If you could buy one thing right now it would be: A cat for my apartment. A low maintenance, apartment-friendly, self poop-cleaning cat. That cooks good adobo.

Sport: I used to play the following with a Rudy-esque approach- all heart, so-so talent: volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis. I will forever be a sports junkie.

Movie that makes me cry: “Triumph of the human spirit” movies. I’m such a sucker for predictable underdog stories. All together now:Quack…quack…quack…

Temptation you have successfully avoided thus far: Maroon Blackberry Curve

Temptation you have succumbed to recently: Doing this survey.

The one thing you strive to be: A good role model

The one thing you struggle with the most: Food. Just have to succumb to them each and every frickin’ time.

The best thing your mom taught you: Manners

The best thing your dad taught you: There’s no reason for me to be a bad person

The thing you surprisingly enjoy doing: cooking

What turns you on: Drive, smarts, kindness.

What turns you off: insecurity, bore, mabaho (hihihihi)

Favorite sound: Joyka (my i-gotchi persona) when she’s sleeping

Worst sound: Alarm, when I have to wake up

Favorite swear word: Crap!

When no one’s looking I like to: Make funny, weird faces

What would the movie of your life be called: “huh?”

What is the most ironic thing about yourself: that I take my work way too seriously but I can take myself not too seriously at all.

What do you like most about yourself: I have a highly buoyant sense of self esteem and I can laugh at myself. One time I slipped and fell off the front stairs of my work building in full view of people and while lesser mortals may have ran from the scene weeping, I proceeded to slipping through the rest of the steps repeatedly yelling ‘look at me look at me!’

Kidding. I just blushed, shrugged it off, and hailed a cab.

What do you hate most about yourself: I wish I could make up my mind already.

Issue most important to you: The environment, and the “Where Will Joy Get Funding to get a new VAIO laptop” Fund

What’s food for your soul?: Books and Travel

If you were to enter heaven, what would you like to hear at the pearly gates: “Hi Joy. You did a good job down there”



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ive come pretty far from the person i was 3 to 10 years ago and i am so happy life has turned out the way it has. when u lose something, something new comes in to take its place, life moves forward and a new order will be created. but you have to be willing to surf the waves that come your way. i never planned this or asked for this, and sometimes, its better to not plan and just say yes to life.

so if one were to ask am i happy now? yes. i’m happy with what i AM, what i HAVE, what i CAN be and WHO i have.

…. so goes my most contemplative blog entry ever…