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Certified Friendster User November 7, 2008

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Ive been a Friendster user for close to 5 years now, and the fact that I’ve managed to amass close to 400 friends amazes me. Just wanted to shout-out that for Christmas I want a new Sony Vaio laptop. If all of you chipped in P200 each that should be enough to get me one. Thanks.

Some things which I find somewhat annoying on Friendster:

1) People who post pretentious, crappy testimonials using the word “CERTIFIED.” As in: “Certified Hot Chick!” “Certified Crush Ng Bayan!” …What exactly does ‘certified’ mean? Does it mean I get a certificate, complete with cedula and a gold seal? If so, please send to me so I can hang next to my high school diploma.

2) People who form all these “SEXXXY GIRLS”, “CAMPUS CUTIE”, “MODELZ ONLY” friendsters. What really gets me is when they post something like: “this friendster is exclusive, BY INVITATION ONLY. Potential candidates must submit a letter, and will be screened.” Yes. All over the globe, millions of losers like me are dying a painful death because we weren’t invited to be part of BEAUTIFUL SOCIALITES. The pain, the humanity.

3) People who answer the question “Who I’d like to meet” with…”I’ve already met him/her!”  Puhlease!

4) People who write testimonials using XXXX’s or OOO’s to form drawings or huge words like “COOL” or “LOVE KO ‘TO!”. I mean, c’mon guys, squeaze-out those creative juices and write something!

5) Those chain letters “you will die today if you don’t send this to 100 people”. I can’t believe this crap has managed to infest the Friendster community. I remember when I was still in grade school and my Tita would ask me to type reams of chain letters until I get calloused. I’m telling ya, if you’re afraid of it, don’t open or read it. Actually, dont believe it, period. What are we, grade school?

Gripes aside, I love friendster. It allows me to see who’s been hitched and or who got dumped lately.



I know… I know… November 5, 2008

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I know… I know…

No updates or blog posts from me for weeks now…


I’ll write soon…

ooohhh, too cryptic eh?

Relax, just suffering from a really bad case of constipation of the brain (the writer side of me part of my brain to be exact!)