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BOO LIST October 28, 2008

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Piracy – Boo!

Global Warming – Boo!

MAPSA – Boo!

Asian Plaza – Boo!

Distance Between Cabuyao and Mandaluyong – Boo!

Traffic Jam – Boo!

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe – Boo!

Sponsors – Boo!

Smoking – Boo!

Rain in Metro Manila – Boo!

Babylon A.D. – Boo!

Working – Boo!

Expensive Hotel Food – Boo!

Bioflu – Boo!

Sore Throat – Boo!

Jellyfish sting – Boo!  







nuninuninu October 5, 2008

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My head has been rather noisy the past few weeks. There’s this good noise, the clashing of the waves, wind blowing through your face, the shimmy shimmy of the maracas and the hollow beat of the bongos. But then again there’s this bad noise, the enitre cast of wowowee and eat bulaga cramped inside your little room kind. Mine’s the former. And because of that, I’m thinking, believing and feeling clearer more than ever. Go peek on whats going inside my brain…

I believe that there’s someone up there bigger than all of us, watching from a far, holding us all together

I believe that the fire in my belly can quell the butterflies in my tummy, and that my phantoms are no match for my passions

I believe in the certainty and constancy of my friendships

I believe in love, purely and utterly: insisting on it, finding it, keeping it, allowing yourself to be swept off your feet by it

I believe I’m amazing and pretty, and if you don’t agree with me, that’s because you’re wrong

Just recently (right about the Dark Knight time), I developed a penchant for superheroes. Not necessarily those who climb through walls or wears briefs over tights but yeah, superheroes.

I can look every bully in the eye and I know I will not flinch

I like being part of a struggle much bigger than myself just because I want to believe

Very few things threaten me – probably more the result of the brashness of youth than the wisdom of years

I have someone who accepts me for who I am, warts and weirdness and weaknesses

I like being with someone who views the world in a way I can respect

I’m a flower

I’m a rainbow