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hasta la vista, August August 30, 2008

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Goodbye August of ’08….

This is definitely going down the books as one of the most monumental of all the Augusts I’ve had in my years of existence in this world…

Some of it’s memories would have left me scarred, disenchanted and disillusioned but the happy ones balances things out and thanks to those, I’m even-grounded once again…

So in retrospect, if I could wish to change everything that has happened to me thus far I won’t. Because everything that I have now is more than enough to make me happy and honestly that’s all I’ve only ever wanted.



gargoyles, giraffes, ogres, rainbows and sunshines!

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Joy Raymundo to Bernie Tuazon: : "What do you think I was in my past life?"

Bernie Tuazon: "You were a rainbow on a sunny day!"

thank you bernie tuazon for the best compliment ever! you’re the man, the bomb… you’re my homeboy! (hahaha I’m so easy to please!)

i am at a point wherein all I need is my support group. People who would understand and listen to me with no judgements whatsoever and this dude along with a few others were there for me. Thank you guys!

I’m gonna be okay, just like how a rainbow could symbolize the end of the rain and make a promise of sunshine. There is going to be a happy ending for all of us so ’til then let us all keep our chin up and smile our widest smile because God has great plans for us (yeap, that includes you Andy!)

so here’s a shoutout to all rainbow troops out there – REPRESENT!


The Joy Raymundo’s snippets of Happiness August 25, 2008

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what is that… it’s cool… it’s funky… it’s retractable…

it’s the Joy Raymundo’s laptop mouse!!!


just when i thought I wouldn’t get one…. tadaaaaaaa

it’s the Joy Raymundo’s blueberry birthday cake!


it’s way, way better than Coke! it’s the lethal and sweet combination of….


bernie tuazon FINALLY facing the camera!


it’s so sweet and low budget and campy and ahhhhh!!!


Inigo Montoya

this will forever have a different meaning to me and will always be a reminder of something wonderful. this is from the princess bride:

"hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father, prepare to die!"



You put the HAPPY in my Happy Birthday! August 17, 2008

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Thanks to all those who greeted, called, visited and messaged me through Friendster. You’ re all very nice I’m sure Santa has you on his Nice list for Christmas (better start earning those nice points as early as now, coz after August, BER months na!!!)

Thanks to you (oh yes you know who you are!) for welcoming my birthday with me, spending most of my birthday day with me in the way that you could and for bidding my birthday goodbye with me as well. You put the HAPPY in my happy birthday!

You’re the extra heaping of cream on my pile of pancakes! (i’m using the pancake metaphor here because I DON’T HAVE A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! – bwahahaha, nakaisip pa rin ng isang downer!)


Here’s to another year of awesomeness!


Emotional Airport August 16, 2008

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I read an article about “emotional airports”. The idea is so surreal that I can’t help but use the metaphor for what I’m feeling right now. 

My heart is now a departure terminal. Who left who doesn’t matter really, it’s just the “leaving” part that pains me so much. I’ve witnessed the departure of 4 very dear people to me and it’s only frickin’ August! First, my bestfriend Boris, why oh why does he have to leave for Singapore what, like 1 country ain’t enough to contain his mischiefs? Then Judy, haaa my pillar of strength and reason, without her I seem so lost.. Next, Singapore taking John from me, sometimes I wonder what that country has against me..and now, Jon one of my hawi boys is leaving the company to pursue a career he really wanted! Please Lord, hold the boarding passes..I think I’ve had too many outbound flights for one year.

But airports aren’t built for departures alone, on the other side you’ll see the Arrival gate filled with incoming flights from all over! Some flights come as expected, while others are a bit delayed. So you have to be patient. In fact one arrival surprised me and I’m getting back to my usual giddy self again.

So book those flights even if you don’t know where you’re headed. With just a little courage, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll survive any departure or arrival that’ll come your way.


Vack with a Bengeance! August 10, 2008

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guess who’s back to corregidor with a vengeance…. it’s the JOY RAYMUNDO!


and this time she brought back-ups!!!!

there’s paulo pantangco as PAPING!

mae quitalig as BRUHA number 1


via magnaye as BRUHA number 2


anna gopez as BRUHA number 3


Mavis Ambrosio as BOSTON


Bernie Tuazon as the guy who just wont look at the camera!


good times, good times


and more fun, fun, fun


it’s the most FUN I’ve had with friends for a long time I think I’ve reached my quota for the year. I got so plastered with happiness, every memory of it got so substantial.


It’s my HAPPY MONTH! August 1, 2008

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Yeap! I’m HAPPY! it’s AUGUST!!!! It’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

ME: (while skipping and hopping) “falalalalalalala…..”

teacher: “Raymundo sit down, stop singing and pay attention”

me: “oops sorry ma’am” (humming softer: falalalalalala)

Sorry guys. I just looooove this month. But ofcourse, it’s my BIRTHDAY month!!!! I just always had this notion that when it’s your birthday month you can screw everything up and be forgiven for it because — it’s your birthday!

Police officer: “Joy Raymundo you’re being arrested for drug trafficking to 5 year olds”

Me: “But officer you can’t arrest me coz it’s August, it’s my BIRTHDAY month!”

Police officer: “Ah ganun ba? Di mo agad sinabi. PO2 Trinidad, tanggalan ng posas yan at pakawalan ngayon din!”

Hahahahaha. I’m cuhhhhrraaaazzzzyyyy!!!!

To start the month, I watched Cinderella the musical with Andy


I have more fun stuff and mischief planned for this month. So watch out…..