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hi, have you met me? July 26, 2008

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PREFACE: It starts with B.T. telling J.R. about how H.I.M.Y.M. comes in closest to FRIENDS in the comedy genre which greatly piqued her fancy. Then J.R. being unable to play the H.I.M.Y.M. in her laptop because just like her, it’s so picky. Plus the fact that BT is there and BT is her boss and she couldn’t watch a dvd with BT around coz she wants to keep her job. Then JR being unable to watch the dvd in her place also because its a bad disk (piracy – BOO).


This saturday i’m actually pulling off the ultimate slothfest of all time — okay brace yourselves — wait for it — ready?— TADAAAAA

lock myself in the room with sam (c’mon guys it’s my cat!), plug-in my laptop, secure my internet connection, load "how i met your mother" season 1 dvd, have season 2 waiting on the wings once im done with the first, turn the aircon on in full blast, wrap myself with my comfy sheets.

yeap, that day I was sold to the idea of just watching season after season after season of my current guilty pleasure (what, you thought it would be something that would involve more muscle group activities? well sorry you got the wrong blog)

Well sure i got distractions here and there:

  • first there’s paolo pinging and calling me (seriously dude, you’re my bestfriend and i love you but you’re cuhhhhrazy!)
  • then there’s carlo faustino asking about some caterer’s number (are you serious? i don’t even know my own sun cel number!)
  • then my cat had to be fed
  • well i dozed off for a bit (what’s a slothfest without the actual sleeping right?)
  • then my cat had to pee
  • andy checking on me every so often (i know you believe that I’m too fun to just sloth around but you still support me in this – you’re such a keeper!)
  • my need for food (joy’s tummy: lady if you don’t stuff me within the next 5 minutes this rumbling sound would get even louder you won’t even hear your own conscience)

And so the fun that started Saturday 1230 pm ended Sunday 947am because stupid me forgot about season 3 dvd in my place in Makati.


So now i actually have to get out of the room, take a bath, eat atleast 3 square meals cooked by my mom, go out to the mall, chit-chat with my family, see how a green grass really look like, experience fresh air, hear the birds chirp, listen to my niece’s growing-up stories, read the newspaper and know what’s going on with the world. What a way to live.

***Thank you Bernie Tuazon. These wouldn’t have been possible without your DVD’s. And for that I will forever be grateful (seriously man, how do you get to read my blog when you don’t even have a friendster account???)


Bring it on! July 19, 2008

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I’m sad.

There is one ailment I’m trying to find a remedy for and I am both hoping and coping right now. And they are both proving to be very difficult.

But I’m not letting this sadness get the better of me. I may not get to control the direction of the wind but I can surely manage the sails. I shall go through these things head up high all the while shouting “bring it on”. I am the captain of my ship.

I’ll be back…


**** thank you Judy. I miss you very much specially at these very trying times. and thanks to you too andy for hugging me.


mad about japs July 12, 2008

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Andy came up with an impromptu getaway for his wanderlust bratty here…. CORREGIDOR!!!

Everything was just perfect. The cool breeze of the Saturday morning while watching the Philippine Dragonboat team warm-up and ordinary folks tone their tired body…


goofing around during a supposedly romantic ferry ride


basking on corregidor’s serene glory and beauty


while walking through paths of history


after the trip I developed a feeling of animosity for those japs. Filipinos have such a happy, forgiving and forgetful traits in them. how could we embrace the japs, their food, their technology, their scary movies, their cars, their culture when in the past they have done such terrible things to us? I mean, at least the Ameicans have said sorry for what they have cost our country and our people, but na-uh not them, not those japs.

and so as a sign of protest i am not driving my honda car again, im no longer taking a toyota cab, won’t buy stuff from japan home center no more, find another movie to replace shutter being my most favorite scary movie, stop eating maki, sushi, kani salad, kobe beef, yakisoba, chicken teriyaki…. hmmm, sige na nga magiging happy, forgiving and forgetful na nga lang ulit ako….


tell me who your friends are.. and I’ll tell you who my friends are July 5, 2008

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I was browsing through a maxwell book and I stumbled upon a question: “how do you define success?”

I dunno… how do I? The yardstick for success is all in the digits nowadays, and I won’t be a hypocrite, those digits have seduced me as well. bad joy raymundo, bad! But whenever I find myself inside this whirlpool I’d always have this verse as an incredible reminder of how life should be lived and how we should define success…

“To LAUGH often and much, to win the RESPECT of intelligent people and the AFFECTION of children, to earn the APPRECIATION of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate BEAUTY, to find the BEST in others, to leave the world a bit BETTER, whether by a HEALTHY child, a garden patch…to know even one life has BREATHED easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!”- Emerson

I may not be a perfect person but I know I got myself a good set of friends. Sure they have their own quirks, who doesn’t right? plus that makes them even more special to me.


The circle of friends I have from work are the main reasons why I manage to wake-up and summon the energy to come to work every single freakin day:

  • Badinger Paulo. How we walk along the streets of ayala singing on top of our lungs like noone else but the 2 of us ever exists
  • Magnaye. How she seems always so excited to see me when I visit Plaza and her perpetually misconstrued attitude
  • John my anak na chinita. He has stretched my patience into unbelievably great lengths, although I know he has done even more of that for me
  • Mae. She’s a constant reminder of why I must always hold my own coz she’s just there trusting and believing in me
  • Anna. Oh my ever dependable gopie.
  • Mavis. sobrang gaan katrabaho
  • Bernie Tuazon. one of 2008’s coolest surprises for me
  • ernie, brian, alistair and jon. the gwapings, my personal hawi-boys. i never have to bring my laptop bag ever again because of them


  • the team kevin peeps. i enjoy our meetings and most specially what we do after those meetings…. ok let’s start, dinner na!


and ofcourse I have people outside the office who keep me sane:

  • andy. it’s unbelievable how he could roll up with my bratty attitude and still manage to hug me when he sees me


  • paolo. magkaaway kami as of this writing, but that’s just how we are… we’ll always be on the same boat


  • lovella. my bratty roommate who has managed to live with an even brattier gal. taas ang kamay ko sayo dude!


the list could go on an on pero the peeps mentioned above are the ones I hang-out with the most lately…

habang-buhay na pagmamahalan na ‘to mga tsong!


Welcome to Slothsville

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oh hello soft, crisp sheets it’s so nice to be hugged by you again

nice seeing you too pillow 1, well ofcourse you too pillow 2, cmon pillow 3 you know i love you just as much

hello remote control! you are up there with the wheel and internet being one of men’s greatest inventions. thanks to you I don’t have to summon all energies that would be just to switch channels

thank God for WiFi connection and laptop computers. now i can just lay in bed and not have to stand up whenever an idea good enough to make my blog pops in

hello aircon. you are just sooo chill!

beep goes my celfone. it’s andy askin’ how i’m doin and if my sheets and pillows have smothered me yet. a “no reply” means i have already given in, and you know it already for sure


haaaay i love the weekend sleepfest! when my bestfriend boris was still in the country, he used to take me elsewhere on a Saturday morning then take me home in the afternoon just to make sure I don’t just sleep around. He will then call me on a Sunday and just check on me “Hoy natutulog ka nnaman! npakatamad mo tlga, batugan! gumising ka!”. Well it didn’t do anything to change my sleeping habits (maybe that’s the reason why he left for Singapore, hmmm….).

My best bud Paolo used to hate sleeping also, he used to live by the “why sleep now when i can sleep for all i want when I’m dead” mantra. Now he can run sleepathons with me already. Same thing with my roomie lovella. Oftentimes, late kami papasok kasi walang bumabangon hanggat hindi din babangon yung isa – Katamaran in da house ‘to pare! I’m so proud of the two of them. Welcome to the way of the lethargic, my disciples!


Hinagpis ng Iskolar ng Bayan July 2, 2008

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The latest Times Higher Education Supplement and consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds (THES-QS) survey of the top schools in the world reveals UP’s drop from 299th in 2006 to 398th in 2007. ADMU slightly inches up from 484th to 451st. DLSU and UST drop out of the top 500, landing at 519th and 535th respectively.

Though I know that UP didn’t really join this survey since they stopped supplying the necessary information so many years ago so the basis for the survey are all old data. With that in mind, it’s still commendable that they still ranked and is till being distinguished even if they didn’t really join anymore. However, it still bothers me. Treading the paths of the premiere university of the philippines gives you a certain sense of pride, and you somehow lose that feeling when you hear such news.

I am afraid that UP Education is slowly getting overly politicized already to the point na nade-degrade yung sense of scholarship and education. When I was still there, there were times that i felt na Nasacrifice na yung exploration of ideas para sa politicizing ng academe. Di na nakakatuwa. Masyado nang naging self-centered ang UP education, simply feeding on itself. This I fear will be its undoing.

Anyhoo, I was browsing through Tin’s friendster site when I stumbled upon this picture of our UPM barkada. It’s funny how we looked so fresh and unadulterated then… I miss you my friendly friends!