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i am so full of it June 22, 2008

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I am sorry to bug you guys with pictures. It’s just so beautiful in Boracay plus i cannot sleep, i’m sick and have nothing else better to do. No one messes with a an extremely hormonal’s suicide, i tell you, BLOODY SUICIDE!If you’re a smart fella, you’d keep your thoughts to yourself..just nod and smile people, nod and smile.

I’ve been to bora plenty of times, prior to getting there, I didn’ think I’d enjoy it simply because I feel that there’s so many Korean fr**ks (go back to your country chinky-eyed peeps and go do the peace sign from there!). But no, the minute I arrived it still got me breathless! I mean, this is nature guys, NAAAATUUUUUURE. No gazillian dollar worth of infrastructure can ever beat this.


Paolo and I must be sea creatures in our past lives. We’re totally averse in taking a dip in the pool if the other option is fighting the sea currents. Here’s a pic of Via, Olie and Pablo by the Regency pool bar (obviously wala kami dito hehehe)


Paparazzi Via takes a picture while Paolo and I are buying food. Back to our room after checking our loot, we seemed like two hedgehogs who stacked up for the entire winter. Daming pagkain! Panic buying ata kami tsk tsk tsk…


even inside our room, we were havin fun. crazy bastard….


weee mag-iiknorkling na kami!!!! weeee!!!!


Pablo made friends with a giant jellyfish


go feed the fish!


sigh… adjectives fail me


you can leave now. I’m staying!



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Oh Nooooooooooo!!!! Is this what I think it is? Could this be real? Is this the FLU? Nooooooooooooooooo!

I just had my flu shot! I’m supposed to be INVINCIBLE, well at least from flu… This is just a bad dream, will someone please wake me up?!?!?!?!?!

Fine! If I can’t beat it, CHERISH it! And so, after rereading my 3rd Calvin and Hobbes book I decided to not let this flu get the better of me. Other people lose their appetite when they are sick, not me….

Operator: "Mc Donald’s Delivery"                                              Me: "1 pc chicken, spaghetti with chicken meal, large fries with mayo and 2 OJs for the meals please"

Lovella: "So I’m bringin you 1 crispy fish meal from Brother’s Burger, Fukien rice and Beef with Brocolli from North Park, may gusto ka pa?"                                                                                         Me: "Samahan mo na din ng freshly squeezed orange juice!"

Andy: "I’ll pick you up, where and what do you want to eat?"                                                                                        Me: "Let’s go to Secret Recipe. I’ll order Tom Yum, Baked Chicken with Mushroom and Brownie ala Mode. Pero gusto ko pagsakay ko pa lang sa car mo there’s already fresh milk and chips ahoy waiting for me that I can eat papunta sa restaurant, yung chewy ha!"

Andy: "Busog ka na?"                                                                                  Me: "K lang, bukas Antonio’s tayo order ako ng Schublig ha"



bitten by the boracay bug June 21, 2008

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And so the perpetual wanderlust culminates her summer with utmost panache and style by doing it the boracay way…



it was an auspicous time to relax, and relieve ourselves from the many strains of work


rekindle languishing bonds….


discover new allies…


and cherish the ones i already have…


well what do you know, the boracay bug must have really bitten me then…


This one is for Judy June 10, 2008

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i suck at goodbyes. the past few years i would normally pull-off an instant cryfest when someone close to me leaves. i may not be like that now afterall that i have been through, oh yes this lady has toughened-up. However, the absence of tears does not mean I’m not sad… because I am…

this one’s for judy. one of the people who has been really close to me. i share her things i don’t normally share to people. part of it is because i want to, another part is that she insists hehehe (that nosy nosy gal!)

i once told someone that if this world were full of judys, then it would definitely be a happy place for me… and now that she’s leaving i couldn’t help but fret.

Img00165_1 i shall see you soon juicy for I know that if the friendship is true there will never be goodbyes.

here’s to friendship!


a day in the life of joy…. with scrat June 8, 2008

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Lobby of Crowne Plaza, 5am, waiting for Paolo to pick me up: By this time, I have been awake for 35 hrs. Donning my bermuda shorts, a pair of havaianas and my getting to be favorite RL sweater over a lousy tank top, I told myself not to stress myself on what to wear coz if I get any more complicated I’ll breakdown due to fatigue.

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Tagaytay at 7am, awake for 37 hours: It’s my most favorite restaurant, eating my most favorite meal of the day, having my most favorite sausage, with one of my most favorite persons in this world. This is magic, oh yeah I’m talking about rainbows and unicorns here.

Cliffhouse, Tagaytay at 9am, awake for 39 hours: Good conversation over coffee with Taal lake as our view on a really nice, cold weather.

Starbucks, Tagaytay at 11am, 41 hours without sleep: Hoping to get WifI access to check Jeff Dunham sa youtube but their Wifi is down. Nagkwentuhan na lng tungkol sa atomic bomb, uranium, einstein and other weird stuff.

1230PM, travel back to Makati, 43 hours and still no sleep: kwentuhan, asaran, death threats (oh yes, we can get really violent). Stopped over 2 other starbucks coffee houses to check on their WiFi coz we’re really dying to laugh over Jeff Dunham’s stuff and twice we got rejected (anong bang meron sa Wifi nung araw na yun?)

Starbucks, Alfaro Makati, 2PM, an official zombie with 45 hours of no sleep: Finally got a WiFi access! We joked about the odds of after finally getting an internet connection, down naman ang You Tube, pag ngkataon, Hubad para magkaalaman na kung sino satin 2 ang may balat! Laughed, Laughed, Laughed. Sobrang kwela tlga ni Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist. People at starbucks were looking at us coz we were really giggling, laughing at naghahampasan pa!

530 PM. Paolo and I finally grew tired of each other and he decided to take me back to my place. This has been the longest that I have stayed awake. After 48 hours of no sleep I realized that the most lethargic state I have been at for that day was at 5am while I was alone waiting for him at the lobby… well what do you know, looks like someone did have a good time.


Saturday is Girlfriend Day! June 7, 2008

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Saturday is girl friend day! My most favorite roommate (because she’s my ONLY roommate, hehehe) and I checked-out of our post-war looking room to check-in the room 10004 of Crowne Plaza to live even just for a day, a life that befits spoiled gals like us. After checking-in and the usual jumping on our king size bed ala lying on a bed of roses (get the picture?) and securing all the toiletries and stationary items we get to bring home the next day, we headed to our first stop…. Starbucks. By this time we have been awake for a good 20 hours or more and by then nothing but a good triple shot of espresso can be of assistance. Then the worst part… WINDOW SHOPPING. You see, SHOPPING is helluva fun, but WINDOW SHOPPING? it’s like saying you can kill me now! We just shopped the day before so if we shop again, it’ll be like suicide on our bank accounts. Then the painful part… FACIAL. It’s ironic how we allow our pores to endure such pain actually, violation is the word. We watched Sex and the City (which we didn’t quite enjoy) probably coz we got inggit to death sa shoes and clothes nila sa movie. We then took a quick stop at the grocery to buy booze. A bottle of strawberry artic, sprite and cherries for me and bailey’s for Lovella. The rest of the night was spent drinking, drinking, drinking. It was an action-packed Saturday in a girlie way for us. It didn’t really matter where we are or what we’re doing, my bff lovella and just really needed to hang out and go crazy like the people we are. And that’s what we did.


waiting to crash June 1, 2008

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i can’t wait to crash… in bed, that is.

my weekends are usually spent in bed. Hit the bed at Saturday 8am, wake-up at 7pm give my parents (if i’m home) or my roommate (if i’m not home) a hint that despite my state of volition, I’m alive! Sleep again at around 8 or 9pm then wake-up at 11am Sunday to once again remind the world of my presence, come 7pm I’m back in bed again.

oh yes that’s how i do weekends. I make sure that my weekdays are fully packed so that I get to crash on weekends.

i have not done this though for more than a month now and will still not get to do it in the next 2 to 3 weeks since I still have a few trips and activities planned – bummer!

but when i do, when i finally do i will once again slip back in my jammies and crash!

Ok, let’s take a little breather to talk about my jammies. PANTULOG is the word. Not cutesy patootsy slumber party level. Not the sexy shorts that flaunt your butt cheeks. I wear Porontong shorts.. that’s right, below the knee at maluwag pa yung garter. Picture this: LIGA basketball shorts but FLORAL. And not “dainty Martha Stewart” floral but “carinderia table cloth” floral! With…matching baggy tops with little ribbons attached to it. My pantulog sets are the most comfortable clothes in my entire closet! and despite the desperate pleas of my mom to throw them away or demote to TRAPO level, I intend to keep them forever and ever!

so to my beloved bed, fret not… i have not totally forsaken you. i shall be back.