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10 things i learned in pagudpud May 25, 2008

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1. no matter what we do and who we conspire with, we can never beat kevin in any card game… ever
2. sassy has captain barbel for a boyfriend
3. darna has been within our midst (team kevin) for the longest time
4. when you say look at the camera and smile, bernie tuazon does otherwise
5. mike plandez is the master jumper
6. boyet de paula as randy jackson would put it, is the dependable dog
7. despite their biatch reputation, chloe and olie are really nice gals (sorry girls)
8. si mark, ay wala pa ring malay
9. nins is vain-er than i am
10. the area where the windmills are is my happy place


Gary’s no more May 17, 2008

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It’s Andy day today. That is how i usually explain it to friends when I have to beg-off from invites on gimmicks. Then they would stop insisting. works all the time. So for today we decided to see the Manila Ocean Park. Nothing very excting there really, not something I haven’t seen before.

Img00148_2 What really excited me was Luneta. Oh yes, all-Filipino, nationalistic and patriotic Luneta. It was a sudden nostalgia from me. It brought me back to my UP Manila days. No, before you misinterpret me, i did not date in luneta back then, nor did i spend my leisure there. it was just UPM forced us to appreciate the place.

from Luneta, I forced Andy to walk with me to gil puyat where Gary’s is. This used to be my favorite dining place in college. when i’m sick and tired of pancit canton or fastfood, gary’s is the place to be. unfortuantely i missed it. it’s now closed. huwwaaaaaaaattttt??? oh yes i shouted that in disbelief. parang gusto kong magtatakbo sa gitna ng taft avenue upon reading gary’s advisory to their loyal customers…. so sad… it’s like the end of an era…


Fly High at 3 May 10, 2008

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Happy Birthday USAirways MNL res team! For some really weird reasons, this has been the most memorable anniversary celebration to date. That is aside from the fact that I wasn’t there to witness the program but I’d really rather not talk about that.

Congratulations to every single soul who has walked the USAir path, your contributions no matter how miniscule has helped the account be what it is now.

USAirways, the best account ACS has ever had! claps, claps, claps!


This is a formal letter May 9, 2008

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Dear Mr. Suunto-maker-designer sir,

 My bestfriend and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for designing such an amazing timepiece that was Suunto. Our week has been nothing but crazy with all the workloads, client visits, deliverables and all our responsibilities on the side but you, yes you Mr. Suunto-maker-designer sir made it go away like pffft!

Also, we would like to thank the parents of my most favorite boss in the whole world Kevin Urrutia, for if not for them our boss wouldn’t have been born then my bestfriend and I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Eastwood to buy him a gift. The gift that was a Suunto Vector. The watch that spawned to a Suunto T1 and a Suunto Xlander Military edition. Yes, the watches that my bestfriend and I had no intentions of buying but were just too weak to resist its beauty and infinite possibilities. Both watches have now found their new homes in our arms and now answer to the names Contis and Rubie.

 May the glory and honor be with you always Mr. Suunto-maker-designer sir!


Dear God, Why can’t you give me normal friends? Part III May 4, 2008

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Joykas_fone005_2 juday! My self-appointed Executive secratary who holds office in Bacolod. She’s so loyal it’s scaring me, hehehe. You can assign the president or the pope even to be her direct superior, it still wouldn’t figure coz she will still report to me directly. she knows me too well that she could point out facets of me that I have yet to realize. Trust me when I say that she has had me, my carreer and lovelife all figured-out… buti pJoykas_fone009a sya…

Chinita! this guy has mastered the art of ticking me off. I will always remember the time na inaway nya ko all because of Tilapya. That story will really go a long way. That and his watch purchased in Greenhills, eeeew! Puro na lng gastos, wala nang ibang alam kundi gumastos.

Hk_trip_097_2 Kitlig! the sweetest girl who just doesn’t know how to express her feelings. I still stand by my theory that she had a traumatizing childhood. My favorite!

Img00018 Sir Mabes! His patience is sterling! He’s stood witness to most of my ka-weirduhans because he is seated just beside me. When I see jamaican patties, I will always have him in mind.

Joykas_fone007 And then there were the Hunks… Alistair, Ernest and Jon. All my favorites! Ang yabang at ang kulit sa floor, kala mo kung sinong matatangkad. They are three of the my constant reminders that I have done good in our account.