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Memoirs of Paolo and I’s Subic experience April 21, 2008

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Reader: No need to pay attention. I’m just writing these down to make sure I don’t forget the highlights and lowlights. Hmmm, I see that you’ve made it to the third sentence, just don’t say I didn’t warn you coz you really wouldn’t get what i’d be talking about knowing how my bestfriend and I have a world of our own. Okay, okay if you insist…

  • “Let’s eat somewhere that is authentic kapampangan”… an hour later… “san mo gusto kumain Chowking o Reyes BBQ? ayoko kasi ng Razon’s eh”
  • A week before the trip… “mag-research ako sa internet ng magandang beach sa subic para planned na ung trip natin”… during the trip… “sir pwede magtanong, ano po ang magandang beach dito sa subic at pano po pumunta dun?”
  • “basta split tayo sa gastos ha, wala ko pera eh”…. after a few kilometers.. “Uy Nike outlest store, tara pasok tayo!”
  • “Sino ba ang go? ako ba? baket lahat nakatigil? Ayoko nang ganitong pakiramdaman!”
  • “Full stop”
  • “Ipasok natin sa bote ng gatorade si stuper fish para maiuwi natin?” … “Sige!”
  • “Ang sarap mag snorkling ng naka-fins”… “mas masarap mag snorkling na may kasamang naka-fins!” … “Bwiset!”
  • “Gising tayo ng 5am para aga tayo makapag-snorkle ulit”… the following day… “7 pa lang, 8 na lang tyo magbreakfast gusto ko pa matulog eh”
  • “baket wala nang monkey sa daan? baba ka nga para magkaron”… “ang yabang mo, i hate you!”

Now don’t give me that look, I warned you this wouldn’t make sense.


i encourage you to breathe April 9, 2008

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i have just finished my 2nd yoga session. it wasn’t as difficult as my first shot but was difficult nonetheless. my body stretched, contorted and pulled at lengths I never thought it was capable of and I’m proud of it. Now let’s talk about the sweating… boy i have never excreted that much sweat in my entire life!

The part i enjoyed most about this new venture is the full 90 minutes I get to give myself. it’s the chance for me to just concentrate on myself and my breathing, just me and my breathing, me and my breathing…

uhhhhhhmmphhhhh…. aaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh…… this is the life!



Dear God, why can’t you give me normal friends? Part II April 6, 2008

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Borisa my bestfriend-slash-driver. my teletch days went by almost "public transpo-less" because he would religiously pick me up and take me home. he’s flavor or should i say flavorS of the month would go home in a cab, but na-uh not moi! (hell yeah I’m beaming over that)

he’s such an enigma. his presence would always be felt even without trying. the guys i have seen him with all appears like a sidekick beside him.

he’s a deepthinker. getting stuck in traffic has never been so insightful. he talks about mao, che guevarra, books, politics with so much gusto.

it scares the daylights out of me when he’s awol because based on past experiences that’s the time he’d go carnapping, gun smuggling, drug trafficking, gambling and philandering (i bet you’re wondrin if all those are for real, i’ll leave you on a limbo then. hihihi)

now he’s trying out life in singapore. i’m happy that my pampered, rich-kid, lacoste-armani-adidas-nike outfitted bestfriend is living the simple life on that side of the world, or is he not?

boris asprec, why are you so quiet nowadays? why have you forsaken me? are you up to something once again? oh well… remember that no matter what you do, it will never ever, ever, ever, ever change the way i feel about you.


aPETITe??? April 5, 2008

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Img00029 andy and i’s culinary cravings and consumption for the week:

teriyaki boy

1. chicken tepanyaki

2. california maki

3. chicken teriyaki boy

4. yakisoba

banana leaf

1. rotti with curry dip

2. char kwey teow

3. chicken kebab

4. lamb curry

new bombay

1. mutton curry

2. shrimp masala

3. cheese naan

4. chicken kebab

earle’s delicatessen

1. grilled bratswurt

2. grilled hungarian sausage

3. cheeseburger sticks


1. ceasar’s salad with extra dressing

2. cajun chicken fingers

3. fish and chips

4. mud pie


1. pancit malabon

2. tortang pan de sal

3. halo-halo

small frame, no exercise, very little sleep, BIG appetite…. dang im a gonner in a few years….