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Dear God, why can’t you give me normal friends? Part I March 29, 2008

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 my bestfriend and my worst enemy. the universe has done everything to warn us both that this idea is just absurd and idiotic to some extent, but we are just handsdown the most persistent bestfriends tandem in the world… on second thought maybe we were just really dumb!

he is the most “steady” person i know. we’ve seen each other through break-ups, deaths, resignations, promotions, disappointments and dream come true’s. i was a nutcase through most of them while he was just… steady! unlike i who would cry at just about anything, he’s shed very little tears in this lifetime, and whenever he does he does it by himself. but he allowed me to see him though that – twice, and for that i love and respect him more.

Images2_1 we argue at just about everything. you see, mr.toughlove here keeps telling me that it’s just his way of expressing his love for me while i being ms.emotional is just about ready to sulk at everything he does. i call him scrat coz he looks like scrat (although scrat is way more adorable) while he calls me lisa simpson (the smart, kind-hearted, emotional kid that bart likes to pester – at sya daw si bart). pinning each other down is just so fun, we have agreed to argue for the rest of our lives.

Aca189igkcah28h23ca16p000cat3lhyzca0p01h_1 classic yung away namin while waiting for a cab back to work after having dinner at rufo’s. being a freak este a clean freak, he didn’t want to flag down a cab unless it’s a brand new altis. we were doing what we do best while waiting for that type of cab that comes far between – pestering each other when suddenly…

LISA Simpson: “hmp. ayaw na kita makita”

SCRAT: “sige nga ulitin mo nga ng 3 beses” (with a mocking tone)

LISA Simpson: “ayaw na kita makita, ayaw na kita makita, ayaw na makita”

SCRAT: (silence with matching deadma)

LISA Simpson: huy, joke lang. peace na tayo (in a worried tone)

SCRAT: even more silence and even more deadma. sabay para ng cab (which isn’t even an altis). “boss sa allied bank po” (while i’m sliding on the backseat to give him space to sit).

“BLAG” (says the cab door). 

LISA Simpson: (opens the door) di ka ba sasabay?

SCRAT: “mauna ka na” …. “BLAG” (says the cab door again)

“ma’am di po ba sasabay ung boyfriend mong Hapon?” (says the clueless and nosy cab driver)

LISA Simpson: “hindi po Hapon yun, at lalong hindi ko po boyfriend yun!”


as of 2.08.09 – John  Paolo Manalo, this is the longest that we’ve been mgkaaway. Peace na tayo!


sushi su swit…

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my parents… my epitome of true love and the reasons why even in this cynical world, i still believe in forever…

yeap, they are the culprit, the reason why this world was introduced to the coolest siblings in the world… everybody meet jojo, joey, jumbo and joy (do i hear drumrolls and claps?)

my 2 older brothers (jojo and joey) are just so chill that they both refused to mature and stopped at their EQ age of 16. sometimes, whenever all 4 of us are together my kuya jumbo and i just feel compelled to step-up and act our age or else this family’s reputation will go to the dogs… 

and so for my parents’ 44th, we’re going japanese-a! it’s my first try on making my own sushi and chicken tepanyaki, and hey it turned out as big hit! bukas na muna ang diet, kain na muna!


hoping vs. coping March 21, 2008

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i remember telling myself once that i have ABSOLUTELY no RIGHT to be a bad person. that’s because i have been so blessed in life. i have a great and supportive family, loyal friends, ideal boyfriend. i got pretty much everything that i wanted and even more.

im just so used to having things my way and getting what i wanted that disappointments sometimes are just too much for me to handle. i was doing my yearly tradition of watching the 7th heaven marathon every lenten season at studio 23. there’s this scene where simon was talking to his dad about getting a dog (the would be- happy). his dad wasn’t keen on getting one for him then and told him that he wouldn’t always get what he wants, then simon replied with something like "i know, but it would be great if i could get it this time".

i know that we’re supposed to get disappointments, i mean whoever said life would be easy… but i just REALLY hope THIS particular disappointment didn’t hit me, or at least turn-out that i was wrong at being disappointed in the first place and was all just my emotional, neurotic mind working.

sometimes i don’t know what’s easier… hoping or coping… i guess, for now i’ll just do both…


1st stop, singapore March 18, 2008

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during my US tour last year, I promised myself to allow myself to go crazy and spend money on trips this time around. that is since for the past years  i have been spending on shoes, clothes, bags, gadgets, shoes, clothes, bags, even more shoes, clothes, bags, oh and did i mention shoes, clothes and bags???

and so, to be true to my word, after my May US tour, i made it a point to visit or shall i say revisit another country. what else would it be but our friendly neighbor Hongkong!

for 08, my first splurge is in singapore.

i tell you it’s the cleanest place on earth. but it’s ooooh so expensive to be there. thanks to my diaper friend cora, i would be peddling for cash back in Manila. there’s not much to go to since it’s really a very small city but i’m just so taken with the cleanliness and the people are just so honest and the system so organized that i felt bad for my dirty, noisy, chaotic and cheapo manila… but like what i said, it really is expensive there so i don’t think it’s a place i’d be going back to over and over and over again if not for their 1$ ice cream.

singapore’s 1$ ice cream – aprub!