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there and back again February 4, 2006

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the idea was to escape from the stress of work, angst on co-workers, and just runaway and go to a place where noone else could track us. it was risky but we’re just daring to go through a hell of an adventure. so we packed our stuff, withdrew a sinful amount of money, loaded the car and gotaway! we didn’t make any hotel or resort reservations, we just knew where we wanted to go and just hoped they’d takes us…. but they didnt! Laluz looked so good in the internet and alas, a lot of folks thought the same way too, only difference is they made a reservation and we didnt.

tsk tsk tsk. with heads bowed low, we went back to the car not knowing where we’re heading. we wanted to leave as fast as we can coz we’re really tired by then, but we couldnt… the mud just wouldn’t allow us. we’re stucked in laluz’s parking lot because it was too muddy and the car tires doesn’t have enough friction to move. luckily, some of the crew helped my sweetie push the car while i steer the wheels out of the trap.

in 15 to 30 minutes we’re freed! out of laluz, we have the same thoughts, where to? i dont know what force made us push further and move higher (coz you see, we’re talking about being in the middle of a mountain here!) but we did. there’s a palm spring resort sign which looked so enticing that we followed its direction. the further we climbed up the mountain the faster my heart beats. we drove through a scary muddy puddle and i could feel the car veering sideways because of the lack of friction, but we got passed it. finally, we saw the entrance to palm resort…. it was locked… it’s not gonna open in 3-6 months.

we had to go back, time isn’t on our side anymore, it’s almost 4pm. we had to go through the same route back coz there isn’t any other way. we got stuck again, on the muddy puddle we managed to escape earlier. this time, it’s scarier coz there’s noone to help us and it’s just simply muddier this time plus were dead beat. andy tried to push the car while i rev off the engine until he called it quits and decided to get help while it’s early. he got back after 15-30 minutes with our rescuers. they couldn’t push it as well so they needed a truck to pull us out. it cost us a thousand bucks but we didn’t care. we just wanted to get out of there.

so we headed back to the other direction and went to a resort that we passedby earlier. got a massage from 2 ladies who surely know what they are doing. at the end of the day we looked back and realized that what the heck, we got what we wanted. we wanted to getaway, wanted to escape and we did, a couple of times on that day in fact.